What’s Brewing: Ethiopia Tade GG Guji Shakiso

My intent when sourcing beans from Ethiopia is usually to find some luscious red berry flavours in the cup. With tasting notes of red berry, peach and apricot, this coffee from the Guji zone in Southern Ethiopia sounded pretty interesting, and definitely worth a try.

The Region

Information courtesy of Wikipedia

Guji is one of the zones in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, named after a tribe of the Oromo people. It is bordered on the south by Borena, the west by the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region, and on the north by the Ganale Dorya River which separates it from Bale. To the east is the Somali Region.

The highest point in Guji is Mount Dara Tiniro, and the zone also contains its administrative centre, the town of Negele.

The Coffee

  • Ethiopia Tade GG Guji Shakiso
  • Region: Oromia
  • Farm: Tade GG
  • Elevation: 1830 – 1950m
  • Owner: Tesfaye Bekele
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Crop Year: 2015
  • Processing: washed
  • Tasting notes: Peach and floral aroma, clean, med/high white grape acidity, full juicy body, med sweetness, notes of peach, apricot, candied red berry and soft florals with a clean smooth finish.

Bean sorting for quality control in Ethiopia (Public Domain Images)

More on the Tade GG farm from Ministry Grounds:

Tade GG is a private, certified organic farm owned by Tesfaye Bekele. The farm is 221 hectares in area and lies between 1830 and 1950 meters above sea level. The landscape is characterised by sharp and rugged hills, ridges, plateaus, valleys and flats creating stunningly dramatic setting. The coffee is pulped, fermented for 35-48 hours, then washed and dried in parchment for 9-15 days on elevated beds.

The Brew

Having roasted the Tade GG for both filter and espresso, each form of brewing was probably on par with the other — that is, very good, although not quite as rich in the berry and fruit flavours I had been expecting.

As a filter brew in the Hario V60 there were prominent flavours of candied berry, with a medium body, and a crisp, clean – though fairly short finish.

Brewing as espresso brought out a little more of the peach and berry flavours, with a fuller, juicier body, and smoother finish. As a flat white or latte, a little  increased sweetness was evident, with some mild caramel flavours peeking through as well.

The Finish

Overall, the Ethiopia Tade GG was an enjoyable coffee, without reaching the heights in rich fruit flavours of neighbouring growing regions such as Yirgacheffe.

My pick would be as espresso, however I must admit to brewing a sizeable carafe through the V60 and sitting back in front of the football on the occasional weekend afternoon. It is September after all.

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