I started this blog in 2013. It’s fair to say quite a bit has changed in the world since then, as has the frequency of how often new content appears on these pages. Less is more they say… quality not quantity. Let’s go with that for now. Needless to say my interests remain what they have always been, and broadly speaking align with the topic areas I write about.

Analogue – whether an index card, notebook or fountain pen; I am a long time stationery enthusiast, though you won’t find any decorative planners which are little beyond the scope of my available time and skill.

Coffee – though I’ve not worked in the industry, this is a long time passion of mine, and these pages delve into growing, roasting, brewing and drinking.

Digital – I enjoy technology, though also acknowledge the extent of my limitations here. I write about what I like, use, and find helpful, however you’ll find links to, rather than content about the really in depth tech-nerd stuff.

Thoughts & Miscellany – that part of the Venn diagram not including any of the above. Part opinion, part rambling thoughts, hopefully at times at least a little insightful.

When I get around to writing them, these words come to you from Brisbane, Australia, and most likely originate in a notebook, are planned in MindNode, and written in Ulysses.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find something which may be of interest.


January 2023

2 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi, I was just curious if I would be looking into a mirror across the world to see if someone by my name reflected an image of likeness of my life…


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