Hi I’m Pete Denison, husband and father, corporate stooge by day, blogger by night and weekend, living in Brisbane, Australia.

I commenced a blog called Department 4 in May 2013, with two aims; to share some experiences and ideas, and to continue further down the road of personal development and knowledge acquisition. The name of that site was derived from the four main themes I set out to write about, namely Thoughts, Improvement, Coffee and Tools.

In July 2014, upon thinking about where my online interests and ideas were heading, rebranded the site to simply petedenison.net. This is in line with both my Twitter (@petedenison) and Instagram (@petedenison) profiles. All posts and associated links have now been imported, with a re-direct bring all visitors to this new site (if perhaps, you were wondering how a Dept4 link brought you here).

All posts are written either in Editorial on my iPad mini (retina) or Ulysses III on my Mac. My somewhat limited photography skills are catered for with my iPhone 6 – somewhat limiting in itself however arguably well suited to me!

There are no affiliate links on this site. Any products described or linked to in these pages are those I have a genuine interest in or passion for, or perhaps have tested out somewhere along the line. All opinions are entirely my own.

I appreciate the time you have taken to visit and read. This is certainly a journey of self-development and discovery, and I hope you find something of interest along the way.

2 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi, I was just curious if I would be looking into a mirror across the world to see if someone by my name reflected an image of likeness of my life…


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