As I write this update in March 2021, a lot has changed since I started this blog in 2013. Probably more so in the past 12 months than the entire time before that. I’m sure you all know what I’m referring to. Although violating the (apparent) cardinal blogging rule of “always keep the About page updated” — time only moves in one direction, so after 8 years I guess an update could be considered better late than never.

To be honest there isn’t a whole lot to say here. These words come to you from Brisbane, Australia, and generally revolve around my fondness for analogue writing tools, a decent cup of coffee, and the very occasional sprinkling of technology.

A regular publishing schedule there is not, meaning it’s often a long time between drinks as far as posts are concerned. Let’s just say that on the whole, things here are fairly unremarkable.

That said, thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi, I was just curious if I would be looking into a mirror across the world to see if someone by my name reflected an image of likeness of my life…


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