Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesdaya weekly link to posts of interest from around the web:

The humble Oxford comma – who would have thought a style of punctuation would deserve so much attention. Incidentally though, one I had not realised was ‘a thing’ until hearing it mentioned during an episode of the compelling series Boss, starring Kelsey Grammer, who, as mayor of Chicago didn’t rate the humble mark. A poll of Americans and their thoughts on the Oxford comma, thus:
Elitist, Superfluous, or Popular? We Polled Americans on the Oxford Comma
(Yes FiveThirtyEight, I see what you did there)

For those very analogue, and perhaps a little GTD minded, comes a filing system which utilises a good deal of both (via The Cramped). Although it may be attractive to some, I can see things perhaps becoming a little unwieldy if unleashed without due care:
The Pile of Index Cards system

Unclutterer again, this time a method I have been using for some time now – simply without the name, however I am now happy to say “what? – the Noguchi system – you’ve never heard of it? Oh I’ve been using it for years”

I would say 95% of my workplace filing these days is of the digital kind, however what remains fits nicely into one office filing drawer. My utilisation of this system occurred simply through returning files to the front of my drawer, always with the intention of “eventually organising this better”. Of course this organisation never came, and the system has a name – thanks to Mr Noguchi Yukio (who is incidentally a Japanese economist):
The Noguchi filing system

Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Is anyone out there really still searching for a great mass-produced cheap office pen that performs well? Of course we are, and the Pilot Juice is another contender. It sounds as though Ian has tested quite a few colours along the way so far. Three tip sizes and considerably more colour options – certainly worth a look:
Pilot Juice gel ink pen review

The Newsprint
One link to a cheap mass-produced pen deserves another. I give you a review of the Pilot G–2 0.5mm by Josh at The Newsprint. I’ve written before about my thoughts on the 0.7mm G–2, and had hoped the finer version might be an improvement, though judging by this post, perhaps not:
Pilot G2 Extra-Fine Retractable Pen

Finer Things in Tech
I have been using Due as a reminder app for longer than I can remember, and having tried many others I keep coming back. It came as a surprise (to me at least) to learn if contacts are added to a task, swiping the task will show the usual action options for the particular contact. What did not come as a surprise was learning this tip from the Finer Things in Tech – a site we all should follow:
Due lets you message, email, call contacts involved with your tasks

~ PD.

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