What’s Brewing #1

My first What’s roasting post approximately one week ago promised an upcoming review of a South American origin Brazil Toffee Cerrado, from my green bean supplier Ministry Grounds Coffee. It’s now time to make good on that promise. One further note – since this is my first tasting review, please bear in mind the following is my opinion, and the taste will be influenced by my methods of roasting and brewing, as will your own.

My previous post, curiously titled The Whack, describes an outline of my taste testing and assessing system (if you could call it a system), so we can get down to the details straight away here.

The Whack

WhatBrazil Toffee Cerrado

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Region: Macaubas, Monte Carmelo, Pirapitinga in the Cerrado (Expocaccer Co-op)
  • Altitude: 900-1100 metres
  • Crop Year: 2011

My Source/Supplier: Ministry Grounds Coffee.

How – Milk based, 160ml latte; Aeropress.

Assessment – Dry aroma – hints of dark chocolate, caramel, brown sugar.
Milk course – dark chocolate and caramel undertones; flavours cut through the milk well; great for the morning latte and works very well as the base for a milk drink.
Aeropress – a definite improvement when cooler, some of the sweeter, caramelised brown sugar flavours in evidence; dare I say “toffee” flavour. Good body, with low acidity. Overall probably a little ‘flat’ when brewed by this method.

Conclusion; Know this – In my opinion this origin is fantastic value for money, as it performs solidly on its own, however I will use it in a blend soon and will write further on the outcome. Really came into its own 4-5 days after roasting. When used as a single origin, it probably works best in a milk drink, however do try in an Aeropress or similar, as when it cools there is a distinct alteration in the flavour profile.

Overall rating 4/5

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