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Coffee Tasting
When assessing what I have roasted and brewed, we venture into more subjective territory. I have often found my perception of flavours in various origins and blends differs a little from those described “on the label” or in reviews. I’m sure this would not be uncommon for many of us.

What will be written in these reviews is simply my own opinion on the taste and flavour of the beans I have roasted. The reviews will include the different brewing methods I currently use, including an espresso based milk drink (my standard here being a 160ml single shot latte), the Aeropress, and a standard espresso. Every review may not necessarily include each brewing method, and I plan to expand the number of different methods I use as time goes on.

You may note I am referring to “tasting reviews” here. I have purposely not used the term “cupping”, as I feel this is a very specific process that I am not fully qualified to use appropriately in these reviews. You will therefore not see any 100 point cupping assessment scales here. My perspective is derived from the flavours experienced in my day to day usage, which, if I am being totally honest, can sometimes be hard to accurately describe.

I originally wanted to outline a summary of each review in a standardised way, and this led to the development of ‘The Whack’ review summary. The basis for this acronym is as follows:
* What – the name and origin of the bean (or beans if a blend is being reviewed)
* How – a description of the brewing methods used to taste the coffee
* Assessment – my assessment and opinion of the coffee.
* Conclusion; Know this – a brief overall summary of the review, with any specific recommendations.
The end of the review will also have a rating out of 5. Again, there are no specific categories at this time, I will simply make a judgement based on the criteria above.

Much of what I have described above will be clearer once an actual review is written – the first is not far away!

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