What’s Roasting #2 Ethiopian Sidamo

You can be sure that when a tasting review is posted, another roast will soon follow. Today’s roast origin moves to Africa and is expected to bring back some “fruit” to what ends up in the cup.

This Ethiopian Sidamo, again from Ministry Grounds, is a great value origin, and I am keen to see how this batch turns out.

Ministry Grounds roasting notes as follows:

Expect a few underripes and in general, an uneven roast. But the end result is worth it! Go a little easy on the heat up front, and don’t try and take this one dark. The result will be a bitter disappointment (literally).

Roasted in the afternoon today on quite a cool day, this 500 gram batch ran a little slower than my usual roasts, taking just on 20 minutes to a light to medium roast level. Though not planned, something like a longer than usual roast time presents a good opportunity to assess the effect on flavour profile and other variables come tasting time.

Looking forward to sampling once it has rested a few days.

2 thoughts on “What’s Roasting #2 Ethiopian Sidamo

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