Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


To be entirely honest, I’m a very infrequent pencil user, however this new release from Baron Fig deserves a mention here.

The Archer pencil seems both a fine counterbalance to the Squire pen, and complements the company’s paper products well.

Andy Welfle is certainly more than qualified to provide some thoughts on the release, and does so with aplomb here:
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune: a review of the Baron Fig Archer pencil

As mentioned in the post, The Archer pencil, along with its founders, also makes an appearance on episode 62 of The Erasable Podcast.


Ed Jelley
Ed Jelley reviews what is an interesting looking pen, and I’m certainly not averse to a decent ballpoint.

This one looks to have a sleek, vintage style to it, and the expectation is it will show a little wear and “age” well.

I like it:
Ystudio Brassing Ballpoint Pen Review


The Gentleman Stationer
Another good-looking pen, this time of the fountain variety. I’m always a sucker for black, and a matte finish simply adds to the attraction.

Looks are one thing, however as always the proof is in the nib, and Joe’s review leads me to believe things are covered on that front:
Pen Review: Diplomat Aero


The Clicky Post
Mike Dudek with another fantastic addition to the Dudek Modern Goods stable of stylish pen organisers.

With seven pen slots and an A5 journal, The Stationer is definitely one to check out:
Announcing The Stationer from Dudek Modern Goods


Fountain Pen Day
Despite my obvious interest in fountain pens, I’ve never been great at promoting the first Friday in November on this blog.

Perhaps I should refer you to the experts. Which on this occasion, I will:


Joe Buhlig
Joe Buhlig with some praise for pen and paper in terms of planning and tackling your day.

There’s something motivating and more permanent involved in pen and paper. I can’t drag-and-drop a commitment to a different time of day when I used pen

Indeed, that’s one way of staying on track:
The Day On Paper


Jean-Marc Denis
If you have a specific need for some black Mac or iPhone wallpapers, there are some beauties here. I use them as my desk is in a rather unique location which has the uncanny ability of throwing my monitor’s light into a number of bedrooms all at once.

So in the pre-dawn hours when I usually write, these free wallpapers are a beautiful way to avoid searing light in my still-waking eyes, and potentially stirring the other members of the household simply by waking my Mac.

In high-resolution and rendered using Cinema 4D, they look pretty good too:


I guess just because you can, doesn’t mean you should — though you can say that about blogging, and look what I do here from time to time.

With his last story as a regular contributor to Macstories, fellow Aussie Graham Spencer with a detailed look at designing and launching your own sticker pack on the iOS App Store.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Graham’s writing on the site for a few years now, and this feature is no different:
Link MacStories Guide: Design and Launch Your Own iMessage Sticker Pack on the App Store


Coffee & Tech In San Francisco: A Barista’s POV
A peek into the world of a barista working inside the tech companies in San Francisco.

Financial security and schedule stability are big advantages, but you’re not always able to innovate or grow as a barista

From my own perspective, one of the things I enjoy about grabbing coffee during the work day is the chance to leave the office for a few minutes and see the outside world (not always an option for us all I know).

If I had free or subsidised coffee available inside the office? Part of me thinks I’d still venture out anyway:


Where is Scott Rao?
Food for thought in relation to the various brewing techniques you may be using.

Probably the most important benefit of prewetting is that it provides extra time for the brewing liquid to begin this diffusion process before the pouring phase removes (much) extract from the coffee bed

A particularly relevant article for immersion brewing devices such as the AeroPress. Knowledge is power — or at least improved extraction:
Prewetting: When to do it, when not to

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