Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


The Clicky Post
I’d agree that there is a lot going on from a pen-related standpoint on Kickstarter at the moment.

Now a part of it all the is the Zero Fountain Pen which I admit to quite liking the look of. Still some time to go before the campaign ends and I’d suggest the funding goal won’t be a problem.

I’ll be certainly giving it some thought, ably assisted by this review from Mike:
Trilogy Pens – Zero Fountain Pen Prototype Review


The Pelikan’s Perch
The Pelikan M805 Stresemann was a popular release a couple of years ago for those with the budget to accommodate it.

Joshua outlines what we can expect from the smaller M405 model, soon to be tempting pen buyers all over again:
News: M405 Stresemann Announced


Pendora’s Box
Some handy pen cleaning advice unfortunately borne after a mishap, the author having lost a gold nib from a Platinum 3776 down the drain during routine cleaning.

One taken the for team so that we may not:
12-Step Process to Clean Fountain Pens Without Losing Nibs and Other Parts


The Gentleman Stationer
These Calepino notebooks are a great looking – and it would appear performing – option for all but the wettest of fountain pens.

As a pocket notebook user who likes to use a mixture of fountain pens and pencils on a daily basis, I found it just heavy enough to handle most fine-to-medium nib fountain pens without much bleedthrough, and still tactile enough for pencils

My standard firmly sits at the “yeah, this is not perfect but gee its pretty good” point when it comes to the utility and capability of notebooks which are likely to see pencil, ballpoint and fountain pen use.

These offerings from Calepino seem to be a good bit better than that:
Notebook Review: Calepino Pocket Notebooks (Graph Paper)

While you are at The Gentleman Stationer, check out Joe’s post outlining his first impressions of the Kustom Haus wax seals. These look great:
Kustom Haus Wax Seal Stamps: First Impressions


The Pencilcase Blog
Many considered (somewhat harshly perhaps) the 50th Anniversary Lamy 2000 a disappointing release when news and pictures first surfaced, however credit where credit is due.

A pen as popular and timeless as the Lamy 2000 was never going to steer far from its roots – 50th anniversary hoopla or not.

It’s still the same trusty old pen, but in a new coat(ing)

If you love the Lamy 2000, you’ll probably be quite fond of this limited edition as well. Enough to buy one? That is a decision for you alone, however a nice review here to add to perhaps assist your pondering:
Lamy 2000 50th Anniversary Black Amber Fountain Pen Review


I Need Coffee
Just a few days ago I published a post outlining my home espresso set-up, which includes a pretty capable machine for producing espresso and heating/texturing milk.

It’s easy to think “why bother” going to the effort of preparing something akin to a latte when there is no machine at hand to do so.

In the end though, not everyone has a machine – and where there’s a will, there is indeed, a way:
Making Lattes Without an Espresso Machine


Perfect Daily Grind
Sitting within the drip brewer class of coffee equipment, the flat-bottomed Kalita Wave is quite a popular brewer of choice for many.

A little more about it here, and how to get the most from your brewing:
Kalita Wave: The Story & Brewing Guide

Also on PDG:

Although the scale is perhaps a little large for a DIY side project, if you’ve ever thought of building some raised drying beds for coffee processing, here’s how.

I’ve got quite a few square metres of yard available to me – sadly only one coffee tree growing though.

Perhaps if you build it…:
Coffee Processing: How to Build African Raised Beds


James Hoffmann with some interesting data on coffee prices over the years, which when adjusted for inflation, perhaps show a different picture than what we might expect.

When reading posts like this, it is worth remembering that for all the award-winning farms, there are many more producers struggling just to survive:
Link Is coffee getting cheaper?


Joe Buhlig
Between Drafts app for iOS and Popclip on my Mac, its surprising to me how often I actually convert text to title case:
Converting Drafts Text to Title Case


It’s certainly not news that iOS 10 brought with it Stickers to iMessage. I’ve downloaded a couple of packs and sent approximately three stickers in that time.

I assume there are plenty of sticker-using messagers out there somewhere though:
Exploring the iMessage App Store One Month Later: Our Favorite Stickers and iMessage Apps

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