Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


ABC News
An interesting overview of where your “data” actually is and how it travels around this vast, yet also fairly small (at least in a digital sense), world of ours.

However, the focus for data security is on the development of software, as though we have forgotten that data storage happens in real places on the ground — and not in “virtual” clouds.

Your data is out there (not up there)…somewhere:
Where is your data? It’s not actually in the cloud, it’s sitting in a data centre


The Sydney Morning Herald
As an avid Plex user, its great to see ongoing development and new feature implementation within the service. Australians will now be able to schedule live TV recordings via the Plex web interface — previously unavailable due to local networks insisting their EPG listings were subject to copyright.

Common sense would suggest that you can’t copyright a simple list of program start times but, considering that the commercial broadcasters refuse to stick to their advertised schedules, perhaps they believe the TV guide is entitled to copyright protection because it’s clearly a work of fiction.

The DVR feature is only available to paying Plex Pass subscribers, however depending on how much local network content you actually watch, there may never be a better time to pull the trigger on a paid subscription:
IFA 2016: Plex live TV recording comes to Australia


The Saturday Paper
A new sponsorship deal between the ABC and supplement giant Swisse, doesn’t appear to have everyone entirely on board. Of course it isn’t the first time things have gone awry for the multinational:

The program demonstrated how, after their product’s claims were judged to be unfounded by the TGA, they merely repackaged the same product and put it back on the market. Swisse’s own correspondence with retailers confirmed it.

An interesting read:
Inside Swisse and its vexed ABC sponsorship deal


David Hewson
For the budding writer, some advice from a man who coaxed me through 55,000 NaNoWriMo words a couple of years ago with his Writing a Novel with Ulysses book.

Do I outline everything in detail first? No. I will have a few ideas about where I’m headed but this is a journey into the unknown. I want to be surprised and enlightened along the way because if I’m not the reader won’t be either.

I reckon he knows a thing or two about the craft:
How to start writing a book


The Pelikan’s Perch
A very useful post with some science thrown in for good measure — particularly as air travel with fountain pens is still a point of intermittent discussion in the fountain pen community.

Fly, be free:
How-To: Air Travel With a Pelikan


The Gentleman Stationer
Joe has just updated the Best Pens page on The Gentleman Stationer. If its been a while since your last visit, it is worth a return trip.

You could select from any category you find on this page and be satisfied a great pen will soon be in your hands:
Best Pens


Fountain Pen Quest
After an initial double-take on Ray’s tweet mentioning “Shows and Clubs” (thinking perhaps he may have been launching some sort of pen nightlife section on the blog) — a click through soon clarified things.

This is a great addition to the resources page on Ray’s blog, and a bonus of checking out the page was the reminder it provided of the other useful information posted there (i.e. nib workers, restorers and makers), which had apparently slipped my mind:
Pen Shows and Pen Clubs Added to Resource Pages


Perfect Daily Grind
There are many challenges in developing a successful coffee industry, however some are unique to their region:

Within the archipelago there are 10 main languages, but as many as 748 mother languages are in use. In order to maintain high-quality production, it’s necessary for stakeholders to communicate across both languages and cultures.

Obviously it involves more than just a few plants in the ground:
Indonesian Specialty Coffee: The Challenges & Opportunities


Perfect Daily Grind
The specialty coffee scene in Brisbane really has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

I highly recommend a visit to any (or all) of these:
A Coffee Shop Tour of Brisbane, Australia


Scotch Whisky
I would not have thought India would necessarily be on top of the whisky consumption by country list, however with such a staggering population, I guess things scale fairly substantially.

Right now, the best barley in the business goes to Talisker and The Glenlivet, with both sharing huge popularity in wedding and business function contracts. Weddings might seem paltry to us, but when the guest list is 5,000-strong and the father of the bride wants a bottle of whisky on every table, the numbers skyrocket.

Point taken:
India: Scotch whisky’s wild, wild east

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