Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:

Three Staples
Any man who raves about the Delfonics Rollbahn notebooks I’d consider a friend of mine. Here Matt (Mr. Three Staples) turns his hand to the Pilot Prera, and a fine piece of writing ensues.

I love the consideration given to “matching” the other items on the desk. Having never really considered a white fountain pen before, this post is as good as any in leading me towards changing that thinking.

Looking forward to the next guest post – after a few from the Centre Staple first of course:
Discovering the Pilot Prera

Everyday Carry
Ed Jelley with a pretty handy back to school/work guide to pens, particularly if your budget isn’t running in a surplus at the current time.

In it I see the Parker Jotter – my first “I’m going classy exec style”pen from high school. It was a blue section for me back then:
The Best Everyday Carry Pens for School and Work

The Gentleman Stationer
With a few pilot pens already in my collection, the glowing reviews I often see of the Custom 823 place it firmly on my “to purchase” list as well.

It’s nice to see Joe has finally moved his over to the “purchased” side of the ledger. Yet another positive review of a great looking pen:
Pen Review: Pilot Custom 823

Pen Economics
I wrote and published a short piece over the weekend about my first year as a member of the Fountain Pens Australia Facebook group.

If you’ve not as yet read it, this great post from co-founder and admin of the group Jonathon Deans paints a bight picture of the group’s first year, and if future plans are any indication – things are certain to get better and better:
One Year of Fountain Pens Australia!

Alt. Haven
You may have seen a post of mine in the recent past, praising the value represented by some of the paper-based stationery products in Japanese discount store Daiso.

While in the store, more than once I’ve looked at the fountain pens in those cheap packages, and thought better of it. Junee’s thoughts here suggest that was perhaps the correct way to go.
Review: Daiso Fountain Pen

An Inkophile’s Blog
I thought my lead in to this link would contain: well, I”m an …….– and give you the ink that best represents me. In the end I found that to be easier said than done. Have a think about your signature ink.

Adapted from a great article in the August 2016 issue of Pen World magazine, by “Inkophile” Margana Maurer, this colour wheel will get you thinking about your particular signature ink. A link to download the full article in PDF can be found in the post:
Signature Ink And A Color Wheel

London’s Best Coffee
A handy reading list for the coffee enthusiast, and I hope there are at least a few of you reading these pages.

Though all the books will have something to offer coffee professionals, we have in mind the consumer at some stage into their journey of adventure into the world of coffee.

There is no excuse for your coffee table to be sans, well… coffee table books about coffee:
A Guide to Coffee Books for the Novice Explorer and Enthusiast

European Coffee Trip
Quite an in-depth look at the emerging Italian Specialty Coffee scene.

Specialty cafes have a problem to charge more than 1€ for a single shot espresso. That is the regular price in all cafes but the speciality ones.

Tradition, attitudes, law. It’s all here to challenge third wave style proprietors break new ground in a one of the oldest and well established coffee markets there is:
Italian Third Wave Coffee Scene – Does Anyone Know About It?

One thought on “Wiser Web Wednesday

  1. As a Daiso fan, I need to add some comments: Daiso California has carried USD1.50 fountain pens for a while, and they’re junk – and don’t even look as nice as the Singapore ones.

    However, recently Daiso has some USD5 fountain pens that look like a modified Jinhao X450; so far, I’d say they’re worth the price, but aren’t comparable to a Pilot Metropolitan. The box is cheesy, but overall the pen is well made (better than my Jinhao 599), and writes OK (but not great). It’s a very wet writer, available only in medium. I’ve seen it in metal, dark blue acrylic, and black matte – I bought the metal and acrylic versions. It takes an international cartridges, and probably has room for a converter.

    I still have my steel Parker Jotter from high school, and I find it too skinny to be comfortable.


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