Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


The Sydney Morning Herald
Former host of the Reckoner Podcast (amongst other things), Peter Wells provides some thoughts around the limitations of podcasts in general, namely discovery and sharing.

Podcasters need to start making shareable content: smaller clips that work on the medium they’re sharing to.

Many points in here upon which I tend to agree:
The problem with podcasts


Six Colors
Vesper held a spot on my iPhone’s home screen for what I’d describe as “a good while” a couple of years ago.

I must admit to having enjoyed using it, however as an avid Drafts user with an active Evernote account at the time, there were only so many places to put those notes.

As a result, I thankfully don’t need to export numerous entries now:
All-star notes app Vesper reaches the end


Although there are many features in PDF Expert (both on Mac and iOS) I leave under utilised, it is certainly nice to have them when required.

This latest update to version 2 on the Mac adds some pretty impressive editing features. Thankfully it is a free upgrade for existing users (there is a free trial option on the Readdle website). At AU$89.99 on the Mac App Store it is a significant investment, however you do get what you pay for.

PDF Expert has been my go to PDF viewer and editor across both platforms for some time now, and I’m looking forward to delving a little deeper into the new features:
PDF Expert 2 for Mac Adds Powerful PDF Editing Features


The Pelikan’s Perch
When you’ve got an extensive collection — organise it well. Exactly what it says that a couple of the most well organised collections around contain largely Pelikan pens I’m not sure.

Between David Brennan’s Too Many Inks Filemaker Pro Database, and this one outlined by Joshua using Recollector, there really is no excuse not to get inspired — even if yours starts with a simple spreadsheet:
Review: Recollector Collection Management Software


Jet Pens Blog
Part instructional how-to, part equipment supply room. A great post on the Jet Pens blog about all things Sketchnoting, which makes me want to give it more than the cursory thought I usually do.

Of course every time I think of jumping in, I then think about all of the information I’ll miss while trying to make a coherent sketch which is meaningful to me later.

Yes, perhaps I should have more faith — and if on the fence, perhaps you should too:
Sketchnotes: A Guide to Visual Note-Taking – JetPens.com


Three Staples
Another Three Staples Field Notes review — this time the Starbucks Capitol Hill Edition.

I’m glad to say, I like Capitol Hill more than I thought I would. There are many details in it to appreciate as a Field Notes fan…

A great review as always of a nice bright bunch:
Field Notes: Starbucks Capitol Hill


Whsky Buzz
The Whisky Cabinet author Mark Bylok on the whisky industry and the rise of “no age statement” releases.

NAS whisky does have an unfortunately bad reputation. Equivalent or better whiskies can be produced without the age statements. The thing is, the supply of quality barrels of whisky is decreasing, and we’re feeling that on every level of the whisky being made whether it be the new NAS release or our favourite 18 year old whisky.

Certainly a competitive time for the larger whisky makers, in no small way attributable to trends in other spirits:
Supply, Demand, and Shelf Space – The Story Between Whisky Makers and NAS Haters


Barista Hustle
Key concepts are always worth repeating, and there are plenty to be found at Barista Hustle.

If your roast does have green/stemmy/grassy/savoury flavours then it’s underdeveloped. This means part of the coffee bean is too light and you can taste it. Note: the whole bean doesn’t have to be too light for it to be called underdeveloped.

A little reminder it’s not always just about the roast colour you see:
Roast Development and Colour

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