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Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


With another Apple WWDC now behind us, and it will be interesting to see what developers make of new capabilities — particularly on iOS. Federico Viticci writing on perhaps why less than expected time was afforded the iPad during the keynote.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple move from a monolithic iOS release cycle to two major iOS releases in the span of six months – one focused on foundational changes, interface refinements, performance, and iPhone; the other primarily aimed at iPad users in the Spring.

Although many were perhaps disappointed — with the iPad Pro line now in full swing, surely it’s only a matter of time:
On iPad Features (Or Lack Thereof) at WWDC 2016


It was also nice to see one of my favourite and most used apps, Ulysses win an Apple Design Award at WWDC.

Still the app in which these posts begin and spend their lives prior to publishing, and I’m looking forward to the next version when beta testing is complete.

Congratulations The Soulmen:
2016 Apple Design Awards


Every time I begin to think about possibly purchasing an Apple Watch, I remember it is probably not something I’d really use enough to justify the outlay. The redesigned UI and improved performance do seem impressive from all accounts:
watchOS 3: Reality is Matching Hype


Les Posen’s Presentation Magic
I’ve enjoyed reading Les Posen’s Presentation Magic over the past few years. Though I typically don’t present with Keynote, there are plenty of tips on offer for presenting in general.

In my sessions with anxious patients, the task as I see it is to assist them to wind back or recalibrate the threat or alarm system so they may bring focus and attention to the task at hand.

As you can see from the snippet of content and title below — this goes far beyond the usual presentation advice. As a Clinical Psychologist, Posen is well qualified to take a deeper look at the Breathe App featured in the WWDC Keynote, plus a few others – and a heck of a lot more around the physiological responses associated with anxiety:
WWDC and the Breathe app for the Apple watch: Apple is only half way there to be really helpful for anxious presenters (and others)


Nicholas Gold with an impressive review of Montblanc’s new Heritage Rouge et Noir Special Edition fountain pen.

The Rouge et Noir takes Montblanc away from its standard designs (the 149, 146, etc) into the territory of its special, writers, limited editions without asking the buyer for the same level of budget commitment.

It’s not for me, however there are a good many for whom it is:


Harvard Gazette
An intriguing look at a selection of some of the 2500 samples in the Forbes Pigment Collection.

By the 1920s, Forbes had amassed containers of deep blues, rich purples, vibrant yellows, and myriad other colors from his travels to Europe and the Far East.

One such sample is kermis — the source of the word crimson:

…an Old World pigment created by grinding tiny blisters produced by the insects Coccus ilicis, which lived on the kermes oak tree.

Fascinating stuff — a hat-tip to Smith Journal for this one:
A wall of color, a window to the past


The Gentleman Stationer
Joe with an update of the “Tier One” pen list on The Gentleman Stationer. I’m currently just putting together a basic pen index for this site, let alone adding any further categories into the mix. Perhaps in time.

Although we all have our personal preferences and favourites, I cannot see there being too many arguments here:
My “Tier One Pens” List (as of June 18, 2016)


Gourmet Pens
The Pelikan Stola is certainly on my list of possible purchases in the future, and part of that allure is a Pelikan without the usual price tag (not that I’m suggesting the quality isn’t worth the money on some of the pricier models). As an every day writer, it looks to fit the bill1 nicely:
Review: Pelikan Stola P16 III Fountain Pen


The Pen Addict
In picking up refills for both my own, and my son’s Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto multi pens, I often see the Uni Style Fit gel refills alongside them. I’ve never really been that enamoured with the basic Uni Style Fit pens though, however must admit the Meister is a decent looking instrument:
Uni Style Fit Meister Multi Pen Review


Ed Jelley
I’ve been looking at various iPad cases and keyboards lately, and appear to have narrowed things down considerably towards a final purchase.

A great review of worthy case contender here:
Galen Leather A5 Notebook/iPad Mini Case Review


The Whiskey Wash
A brief tour of some of the whisky producing islands in Scotland.

There is no distinctive Scotch whisky style in the Islands. Peat has a long association with the whisky industry here, but the use of peat varies widely depending on the distiller.

Who doesn’t love a little variety:
Getting to Know Scotch Whisky: The Islands


A couple of Starward Whisky based winter warmers for these slightly cooler temperatures:
Easy whisky cocktails to make at home this winter

  1. Entirely unintended, however I’ll take that pun. Surely …surely it’s never been done before. ↩︎

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