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Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


Matt Gemmell
As a site member of mattgemmell.com for a little while now, it’s been exciting to hear how things have been coming along with Matt’s novel — even gaining a sneak peek on the odd occasion. That all pales now though, with the recent official announcement and cover reveal.

Summing things up in one quote is probably best left to those who now what they’re doing, so I offer you this from the author:

A scientist is drawn into a race against time to prevent an impending disaster that will claim millions of lives. His allies are an elite covert special forces team, but their adversary is a ruthless man with an unnatural ability, who seeks to hasten the cataclysm.

I for one am excited to soon have my hands on the finished product, and if the above sounds like something of interest to you, sign up to be notified the minute CHANGER is available (later this month) through the following link:
Announcing CHANGER


Stephen Pressfield
What follows in the quote below sounds like a description of many a blog post sitting in my unpublished or drafts folders in Ulysses:

For years I dove in on Page One, put my head down and started hammering keys. That’s not always a bad idea. Sometimes it works. But what usually happened for me was I’d get halfway through before it hit me that I was totally lost. Or I’d finish completely only to realize that I basically had to tear the whole house down and start over.

Of course there is no comparison between this blog and the significant projects Mr Pressfield speaks of. Nonetheless, I’ve also admonished myself with the title of the post on more than a few occasions as well:
Writing Wednesdays: “Just Write the Damn Thing!”, Part One


The Cramped
The Cramped offers a few ideas for indexing your notebooks.

Mine is your typical date, page heading/topic and page number on each line in the first couple of pages of a notebook. Numbering is on the bottom right corner of every right hand page, beginning at 1 and increasing in two’s (I’m not sure why I thought that would be of interest to you however in the context of the link felt compelled to share).

I also highly recommend INDXD, the web service for keeping track of it all:
Some Indexing Methods for Notebooks


Having always enjoyed James Hoffmann’s writing on coffee, this was an immediate sign up to receive the newsletter.

While there’ll definitely be more of a business slant to it, I don’t think this will be exclusively written for business owners, not by any stretch. The premise is more that I think there’s inspiration and interest in a variety of  fields connected to, or outside of, coffee. I believe that those of us working in coffee industry are in a place where we need to be challenged and inspired.

Issue one is out, and yes, I enjoyed it. Recommended if you have an interest in coffee and think you might enjoy reading about it (and topics around it) from an industry leader:
A new newsletter


European Coffee Trip
Of course it is very different for those working in the industry, however there is a lot to be said for simply going out and enjoying a cup without too much analysis.

When I am in Italy I actually enjoy drinking espresso with sugar. Although it is not a great quality, it has that Italian taste that I kind of enjoy. I am not searching for the best espresso, when I am there. It’s part of the culture I enjoy, just being in an Italian espresso bar, watching the culture and drinking the espresso, without having to analyze it too much.

Some thoughts on this and a few other things from another industry leader:
7 Questions For Tim Wendelboe


The big catering sized coffee tin is generally a bit of a disappointment in most offices.

If you want to take your coffee to the next level in your office, the name of the game is still finding an easy, convenient solution that isn’t too fussy or too expensive, but still makes really damn tasty coffee.

For me, the solution is an Aeropress with sealed pre-ground doses from home each morning. I’m pretty happy with the results, and a grinder in the office probably mightn’t necessarily work in many of cases:
Ask Seth! Brewing Coffee in your Office


Of course it’s about what’s in the bottle, however I’m not immune to being drawn in based on looks alone (am I really that shallow?). Of course a purchase isn’t guaranteed from that point – but that’s often budgetary rather than aesthetically driven.

To get to the point – I like it:
Glen Grant overhauls brand identity


Best Fountain Pen
Whenever you read a review of the Pilot Kakuno it’s all about the great nib — and rightly so.

This nib lays down a flawless line and the fine nib is just what the doctor ordered for people who actually want a fine line from their fine nibs.

I continue to raid my son’s stationery drawer every now and then:
Pilot Kakuno Review Fine Nib


From the Pen Cup
An awesome lady with an awesome-laden jar. I’m really enjoying these Pens in Real Life posts Mary is putting together:
Pens In Real Life: The Jar of Awesome


Pen Economics
Another brand analysis — this time looking at that just about everywhere brand that is Lamy. To be honest I cannot recall looking much further than the couple of 2000’s I have in my collection (which I do love) as far as the premium end is concerned:
Brand Analysis: Lamy


The Hyperpessimist
Further to the link above, a viewpoint from a resident in Lamy’s home market, Germany.

I really liked the Safari back then and I also like my Lamy 2000. But their other premium pens? I am completely at a loss why these exist.

In the context of all this, I’ve had to search what the “other premium pens” in Lamy’s lineup actually are (and I say that merely through a lack of knowledge rather than inferring anything else). I suspect this might not be uncommon though.

But I disagree on the cheap segment. So far, Lamy does not have anything to fear from the Pilot Metropolitan (or it’s european variant, the MR) or TWSBI Eco in its home market, Germany.

Another interesting read:
Lamy From Their Home Market


Too Many Inks
In my books there is no one more deserving of some ink samples to play with — or should I more correctly say review. David does a great job in providing us with the very first look at a new ink release from Bookbinders Online, adding to their Snake Ink range introduced earlier in the year.

Being in the market for a nice red, I’m certainly interested, and after all, one can never have too many inks can they?
Three New Bookbinders Snake Inks


Despite the fact this is a free app (now with increased features through in-app purchase), I’ve yet to give it a run, which is something I plan on rectifying soon.

LiquidText 2.0 can export every excerpt and note as plain text, which I should be able to import in Ulysses to start writing.

Hmmm…sounds interesting from someone who’d now about such things:
LiquidText 2.0 Brings Support for Multiple Documents


Having used Guvera as my main music streaming service for the past 6-8 months, I’m hoping things are looking up, as recent changes have seen much of my preferred music drop off the service for some reason or another.

The streaming platform has 14 million users in 10 countries, but unlike most subscription businesses, Guvera’s revenue strategy is focused on brands advertising on the platform, rather than subscribers.

In relation to the brand advertisements, Virgin mobile is a heavy one, however part of my love for Guvera (other than supporting an Aussie based startup) is the bonus 1GB of mobile data I receive each month for using the service as a Virgin mobile customer.

Interesting times ahead in a pretty competitive market:
Music streamer Guvera raising up to $100 million through ASX listing

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