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Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


Think Business
The Waterford Distillery in Ireland continues the march towards eventual release, continuing to work extremely closely with the farmers growing barley for the spirit.

The relationship between the distillery and its farmers is a close one, thanks in part to an app from farm technology company Farmflo. “All our farmers have it on their mobile phones, and they use it to record everything they do on their field, all of which we get to see. Over time, we build up the complete story of every step, which consumers will be able to see too.”

With improvements in technology occurring at a rapid pace, it’s exciting to think of the developments being put in place to assist relationships such as these:
Waterford Distillery’s soul searching


There seems no end to the spread of whisky distilleries across the globe, and although Rampur isn’t the first, India certainly isn’t bursting at the seams with them either.

Rampur Distillery is located in northern India near New Delhi, hundreds of miles north of Amrut’s Bangalore distillery and Paul John’s distillery in Goa. While it shares some of the same climate conditions that lead to rapid maturation for those whiskies, Rampur’s location in the foothills of the Himalayas create more significant temperature extremes that affect maturation.

More choices for the whisky lover (depending on which markets receive distribution of course) can only be a good thing:
Radico Khaitan Enters Growing Indian Single Malt Whisky Market


Although I don’t recall specifics, the “For You” recommendations which popped up during my trial of Apple Music in its early days also seemed to suffer from the combined family library syndrome.

At the very least, if I tell Apple Music I don’t like the One Direction playlist (again, not that there is anything wrong with that), Apple Music should not throw it at me again … every day … for the rest of my life.

Irrespective of years worth of repeated plays, I would have thought telling Apple you don’t like a certain artist (which I myself never bothered to do incidentally) might at least have some effect.

Apparently not:
Apple Music Recommendations. Not “For Me”


PC Authority
As someone who works in the insurance injury, we are indeed seeing more and more dashcam footage – all with varying quality. For best results, Anthony Agius with a little of what to look for.

It’s 2016, so don’t waste your money on anything lower than a 21:9, 1080p dashcam.

From a quick search you’re looking at around A$200 – $300 for a model with features similar to those described in this article, though you will find some aggressive pricing around on sale items if you shop around:
Buyer’s Guide: Dashcams are becoming the must-have driving accessory – so pick the right one


The Clicky Post
For many years now Mike Dudek has made quality wooden pen storage, and it is always great to see new collaborations from time to time.

This one is a beauty, though limited to twenty numbered pieces – best to get in quick if you are a fan:
Announcing The Morse by Dudek Modern Goods – Limited Edition


Nib & Ink
The other half of the collaboration mentioned above – Matthew Morse.

It’s your perfect hand-lettering workstation.

Indeed it is:
Special Project: The Morse by Dudek Modern Goods


The Pen Addict
Dave Rea, the man behind Indxd, discusses the very real problem some pen reviewers face in the form of overly aggressive detractors who are all too happy to comment.

To the content creators of the pen community there’s plenty of “noise”, and precious little “signal”: those times when the audience actively engages.

Speaking of audience engagement – I’m the first to admit I probably don’t share the enthusiasm as openly as I should, which is something I am certainly aware of. My attempts to change this are somewhat sporadic, though I’d like to think these Wednesday link posts do show at least a little appreciation.

There are some excellent suggestions in this post, though as always, it’s a pity they need to be made in the first place:
Signal and Noise – on Trolling Pen Reviewers


The Guardian
Further to the link above, a former moderator of The Guardian news website, on what many might consider “the worst job in the world” — particularly given the number of comments can exceed 70,000 per day.

But there are limits. The anonymous free-for-all of the online world can be damaging. It is easy to misinterpret, to overplay your hand, or become desensitised to the real people behind the screen.

In posting the links about this topic I’d also like to put in a positive spin. I have developed two very valuable friendships through my blog — neither of which would have ever come about were it not for the comments and contact form providing access for those particular readers (one of whom sent me this article — cut from the newspaper).

I value the discussion, advice, opinion, and interaction through regular correspondence with each of them very highly, and have no hesitation in saying my life is richer for it.

It is such a pity so much negativity exists out there, for there are some truly great people in the world — some of which will hopefully comment or contact you through your blog:
They called it ‘the worst job in the world’ – my life as a Guardian moderator


The Gentleman Stationer
A combination of colours that speak for themselves:

This particular celluloid might be the most beautiful material I’ve ever owned.  It’s a mixture of black, graphite, and gray pearl intermixed with veins of bright blue (think “Bung Box Sapphire” blue).

A great post as always from Joe – you’d best go take a look:
Pen Review: Edison Menlo in Tibaldi Impero Celluloid


Fast Company
Two pen community favourites bring their A-game to educate a wider audience, providing expert advice for Fast Company readers on notebook buying.

A better strategy is to learn about different types of notebooks, so that you are best informed to make your own decision while avoiding the obvious clunkers.

Even if – as an enthusiast – you know this stuff, Ian and Ana have done a fantastic job on what is essentially a pretty broad topic based on the options available out there:
How To Buy A Paper Notebook That Brings You Joy


The Specialty Coffee Chronicle
It would be hard to find an agriculturally-based industry immune to the effects of climate change across the world, and coffee is no different.

It’s clear that climate change is already impacting coffee growing communities across the globe in significant ways. Climate smart agriculture and adaptation practices for farmers developed for the local context are critical for the future viability of specialty coffee.

There is some important work being done to counteract the devastating effects on such an important crop:
Climate Change: Adapting to a Changing Environment


The Age
Could this really be happening? Australia Post are planning to charge for later collection of items undeliverable. Although not the sole domain of Australia Post, we’ve all been victim of the mysterious undeliverable card received after we’ve been home at the supposed time of the attempt.

Fahour’s “introductory offering” to his new “pick up” service will top out at $9 a parcel, if you miss the postie because you’re at work or you simply don’t hear them as they tippie-toe up the steps to knock ever so lightly on the door before running like crazy for the van, yelling at the getaway driver to put the pedal to the metal.

A courier company’s delight:
John Birmingham: Australia Post’s $9 pick-up service enough to make me go postal

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