The DanDa Stationery Aisle – cheap, cheerful and useful


Although not likely to replace your favourite online stationery supplier, nor is it Officeworks, Japanese discount store DanDa has a few options which might be handy to those interested in pen and paper. Cheap, locally available, and carrying some items not found in other brick and mortar stores in town all make for a place worth visiting next time you find yourself in the Brisbane’s CBD.

Located in Adelaide Street (opposite City Hall), it’s an easy walk from most places you may be visiting should you find yourself in the CBD.

What might you find here which may be of interest? Quite a few gel pens for starters, including Uniball’s Signo DX, some Zebra’s Sarasa, Pilot’s G-2, and Pentel’s Energel among many others. The predominant tip size is medium and finer, although for those who prefer a wider line you will likely find something for your preference as well.


DanDa has been my go to supplier for Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto multi-pen refills for some time now, and if you buy three refills, you only pay for two. Speaking of payment — it is of course one of those stores where everything is a universal price (apart from the occasional item marked otherwise – though this is rare). Everything you pick up is A$2.80.

For the fountain pen user? Here, there is probably a little less (read zero) as far as pens are concerned, however I have picked up the fountain pen friendly Campus notebooks by Kokuyo (in multiple sizes); a 3 ml syringe for cartridge refills (you’ll find this in the cosmetics aisle); and a couple of magnifying glasses (albeit not the most powerful) for peering a little more closely at some nibs. Again all at a cost of A$2.80 a piece.


As I said, DanDa probably won’t become your go-to stationery store, however there are a couple of aisles of pen and paper well worth checking out — and it certainly won’t do your credit card too much damage in the process.

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