Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:

Pens! Paper! Pencils!
It makes sense that many pens demonstrate a fair amount of aesthetic similarity, for when considering really unique looks and performance:

…some pens are made to be admired from afar, some are made to be admired in use and not so many pens manage both.

Ian poses the question regarding readers thoughts on this at the end of the post. Me? I’m slowly but surely gathering more experience and will one day reach my own conclusions. Ian’s you’ll find in usual eloquence here:
Form Versus Function

The Pen Addict
Funny to hear the words “somewhat difficult to find” when reading a US site, which is typically reserved for us Aussies ordering from all over the world. So, with a nice range of Calepino notebooks at local online store Notemaker, I really have no excuse:
Calepino Graph Paper Memo Book Review

That One Pen
Reassessment of where things are #1, with some wise words indeed:

In short, I’m coming to terms with the pen/pencil person I actually am versus the pen person I want to be

How easy is it to get caught up in everything that is out there. All of the things that others seem to find some elusive magic in, that no matter how hard we try, might just not do the same for us. I enjoyed this post – if we ask nothing else of our blogs its honesty isn’t it? Herewith Todd provides all that and more:
A Conclusion But Not An Ending

Modern Stationer
Reassessment of where things are #2:

I’m not going to worry about building an audience or brand. I’m not going to check traffic stats. I’m going to write when I have something say and take pictures when I see something fun or interesting. That’s the simple plan for now.

Read this and tell me the simple plans aren’t often the best plans we ever have. All the very best Doug:
The Path Forward

Pen Paper Ink Letter
Having watched the stocks of these limited edition Baron Fig Confidants dwindle before my very eyes on Twitter, I indeed ultimately missed out. Citing my current temporary embargo on new notebook purchases (yes, to get through a few I already own) as the prime reason, I am left to read the thoughts of others:
Baron Fig Limited Edition: Work / Play (Dot Grid / Blank)

Pencil Revolution
A second link? What – to rub it in that I missed out? No, simply to offer myself a chance to say I am indeed proud of sticking to the non-purchase agreement with myself, and also to include a pencil first perspective from one-third of the Erasable Podcast team:
Baron Fig Work/Play Edition.

512 Pixels
Perhaps a little late to the party of Apple Watch reviews, however well worth reading precisely due to that fact:

I know this review is more-than-fashionably late, but it’s taken me this long to gather my thoughts. Something like a smartwatch has to sink into your routine before its true value becomes known.

In reality, I’d say any product requires a good deal of time spent determining how sustainable its inclusion in your life will be. I believe that to be true whether we are talking about a smartwatch, smartphone, fountain pen or anything else along the spectrum.

Apple Watch probably isn’t going to change your life, but it will make it better in a bunch of small ways. I find it a valuable addition to my life, but not everyone will, and that’s fine.

I’ve not found the need to save my pennies for one just yet. In future? Perhaps:
Review: Three Months of Apple Watch

I’ve never been to a Blue Bottle establishment, nor have I been to LA. I do often wonder about maintaining standards and the original vision across chain franchises. Granted, this isn’t your Starbucks, however the more that open…:
Los Angeles: At The Brand New Blue Bottle Coffee On Beverly Blvd.

Daily Coffee News – Roast Magazine
Of course they have:

Researchers at Purdue University say they have found evidence to support fat as a sixth basic taste, in addition to sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami.

And of course it is:

… the taste of fat, which the Purdue team refers to as oleogustus

All hail oleogustus! (So sorry). The article suggests acknowledging fat as a flavour has largely been held back to due to its use in descriptions such as mouthfeel and viscosity rather than flavour. Perhaps that is all about to change:
Chew on This: Fat Taste Is a Real Thing in Coffee and Other Edibles

CRS Coffeelands
As the author states, with no guarantee of return, it no doubt becomes very difficult to consistently maintain fair worker pay in coffee growing regions:

Prices can vary wildly from one harvest to the next and there is no guarantee they will exceed the cost of production.  In that context, even a conscientious grower inclined to fairness may have trouble complying with the dictates of law and conscience when it comes to paying his or her workers

The suggestion of deeper discussion through all levels of the coffee supply chain? Probably a good one:
Higher Wages, Great! But How To Afford?

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