The Reckoner Podcast Hits 100

It is no secret I listen to the odd podcast, and one of my favourites chalked up episode number 100 last night, and a hearty congratulations is in order. The Reckoner podcast provides a great weekly roundup of Australian technology news, and lasts the length of my commute, and at just under an hour – is the perfect length for a podcast.

Regulars Peter Wells, James Croft, and Anthony Agius are frequently joined by rotating guest hosts, and serve up a weekly dose of tech-based fact, opinion and humour. What I like most about Reckoner (both the podcast and website), is that topics and discussion are current and highly relevant to the tech goings on locally here in Australia. Admittedly, technology these days is a global entity, however regional differences continue to exist, and sometimes local relevance is lost if you usually follow a diet of overseas based shows.

Having been an avid listener since around episode twenty-something, I’m grateful my Monday morning commute is accompanied by a brief football roundup followed by an entertaining show, week after week. Here’s to another couple of hundred episodes, by which time I might have actually worked out how to implement one of Anthony Agius schemes for obtaining about half a decade’s worth of free Netflix – if government legislation or a T&C clause doesn’t stop him first.

So if you have at least a passing interest in Australian tech news, Reckoner is certainly worth an hour of your time once a week. Believe me – your Monday mornings will thank you.

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