Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a regular link to posts of interest from around the web by those far wiser than myself:

Having been lucky enough to receive two bottles of The Glenlivet for Christmas (one each of the 12 year and 15 year French Oak Reserve) I certainly have the makings of a home tasting evening.

Suggestions here run the gamut from how much whisky to have on hand, snacks to serve, adding water (or not, as the case may be on this often controversial point), and even a few themes to consider.

Whether or not your preferred drop comes from a land that spells whisky with an ‘e’ or without, you’re bound to find a few pointers here:
Hosting a Home Tasting

That One Pen
Todd takes a look at how the Kickstarter funded Bullet Pencil ST suits, now it is in the hand. A good example of the fact that no matter the build quality and aesthetics, not every product is suitable for everybody:
Bullet Pencil ST

Write Analog
I took a look at some possibilities around improving my handwriting a little while ago and in this post Mark casts his eye over some similar — and then some, resources. I’ve not progressed too far down this road, however this post has certainly inspired me to give it another look.

Some posts deserve to be the starting point for anyone looking into a particular topic — this is absolutely one of those:
Learning Cursive Handwriting All Over Again

After hearing this pen mentioned on episode 135 of The Pen Addict podcast, and clicking through the show notes link to nibs.com, I found a beautiful pen indeed. Limited to just 88 pieces, it it sure to make a limited number of pen enthusiasts extremely happy. How does it perform? Pretty well, as you will see in this excellent review:
FP Review: Classic Fountain Pens 20th Anniversary Sailor Pro Gear Realo Red and Black Limited Edition fountain pen

Modern Stationer
Whether pens, coffee or (insert yours here), any interest or hobby generally comes at some form of monetary cost. An excellent post from Doug suggesting some strategies to be a little more mindful about such spending:
Budgeting for Fountain Pens and Other Fun

Simplicity Bliss
Sven Fechner revisits the topic of Contexts in the all-powerful OmniFocus task manager. Links to other articles on Contexts by the same author also appear in the post, and are well worth clicking through and checking out as well:
Defining and Managing Contexts in OmniFocus

Jim Seven
Occasionally my separate interests collide a little, such is the case here. I usually keep an eye on this blog written by James Hoffmann for news and views on the coffee industry. This post piqued my interest as it describes how the author uses his technology, also a topic I am always keen to hear about:
Workflows and Software

Nib and Ink
There is a lot said online of the merits of Tomoe River paper if you are someone who regularly uses fountain pens. This comparison at Nib and Ink between the Tomoe River and many a fountain pen user’s go to – Rhodia 80 gsm paper, confirms the merits of giving Tomoe River a try if you have not done so already:
Tomoe River Paper vs Rhodia 80gsm

2 thoughts on “Wiser Web Wednesday

  1. Thanks for the mention. I’ve so far managed to keep my coffee addiction classified as a standard household expense in my world, though I haven’t yet fallen in as deep as you. I’ve enjoyed reading about your roasting endeavors.


    • Thanks Doug. One of the many benefits I found with roasting at home being it is much more economical to buy green rather than roasted beans. Although again, perhaps a line gets crossed when you begin to think you need more room to store them!


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