Wiser Web Wednesday

Welcome to the first Wiser Web Wednesday (www), a weekly post with links to articles or blog posts from around the web I have found either interesting, beneficial or both. Why run a link post each week?

Firstly, I find these types of posts on other sites I follow extremely useful to broaden my knowledge and awareness of information on the web. Secondly, many links I collect either don’t make it into posts, or due to time constraints, planned posts may never be written, with the links archived in Pinboard rather than shared in a longer form post.

In summary, I’d simply like to share a little more of what interests me with you. Away we go.

Great advice to follow that appears to have helped many a battery drained iPhone user:
The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain

Out of interest, author Scotty Loveless’ follow up article on just how popular the battery drain article became:

Asian Efficiency
As I do 90% of my writing on an iPad mini, another view on going iPad only from Thanh at Asian Efficiency:
Going iPad Only: How to do it with the right apps and accessories

A Fool With a Pen
A review of a pen currently on my shopping list:
A Clear Winner: A review of the TWSBI Diamond 580

The Pen Addict
Jeff Abbott’s review of a notebook I have been meaning to get my hands on and try for some time now:
Leuchtturm 1917 Soft Cover Notebook Review

Field Notes Brand
With two packs of the Shelterwood Edition of these pocket notebooks ordered and on their way, I will write about my impressions once they arrive. In the meantime, watch this fantastic video on how the covers made of real American cherry wood are manufactured:
The Shelterwood Edition for Spring 2014

The Erasable Podcast
Just on 4 episodes old, now is your chance to get in at the beginning and see where this promising show goes. What do you mean a podcast about pencils seems strange? Go on, start:
Episode 1 – The Erasable Podcast.

Also worth a look are the individual sites of the three co-hosts:
– Tim Wasem: The Writing Arsenal
– Johnny Gamber: Pencil Revolution
– Andy Welfle: Woodclinched

Brew on Flipboard
For a varied collection of coffee related articles, I am always happy to share my own Flipboard magazine:
Brew by petedenison

I hope you get something out of the above www links – until next week!

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