The Pen Addict 100

Every day without fail – podcast on my morning commute, TV shows or movies in the afternoon. Not today. No way …not today. Today my podcast feeds were regularly refreshed, and with the episode downloaded, the afternoon commute was podcasting gold all the way.

Why the change? Well, today was a special day – The Pen Addict podcast hit episode 100, and for a podcast about pens, that is something.

Easily my all time favourite podcast – the path to which was simple: What? People write all these blogs about pens? Wait…what? There is a podcast about pens as well? Game over. Thus, my entry point – May 2012, episode 12.

As some of the international replies trickle in from my InCoWriMo efforts in February, it is a great reminder that although those within this global (yet somehow close) community love pens, we love the people holding them more. Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley are truly two of the best, and deserve our heartfelt congratulations on reaching this milestone, having lost none of their passion or enthusiasm over the past 2 years doing the show. As much as Myke’s intro’s have been truly memorable, today’s closing remarks are worth more than all of them put together, and surely echo the sentiments of all listeners.

Did we tune in for the cool giveaways (and they are cool) from the episode? No, and most fans of the show would probably quite happily have paid to listen. It was to be part of something special, something to be celebrated. Cheers boys, and I look forward to entering the giveaway for the Karas Kustoms Spartan shield, commemorating #penaddict300.

In the mean time, I recommend heading over to Teespring and ordering a #penaddict100 limited edition, orange (of course) T-shirt. They come in F, M, B or Stub – for those with a shorter torso (or maybe just your regular sizes).

A truly great show from two truly great blokes. Thanks Brad and Myke, well done.

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