hazel and me

Family owned and run businesses really are the best aren’t they? When it’s your own family — even better. I’d have to say my sister knows a thing or two about owning and running a business, having successfully done so for most of her professional life.

Now? Well something a little different.

Introducing hazel and me

Moving towards a sustainable lifestyle with quality homeware products…

A range of quality hand made fabric homewares for your online shopping pleasure — now shipping Australia wide:

We believe in taking a practical approach to living a zero waste lifestyle. Our products are eco friendly choices, look attractive and will stand up to every day use. We make all items from our premises in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

Products galore…

I can now finally reveal that I’ve been beta testing these products for several months now (disclosure: I was provided these products free of charge, I mean… she is my sister), and can certainly vouch for the quality and utility they offer. Sustainable, helpful, locally made products? I say bring them on!

Time to use that flour and bread improver you’ve all been hoarding…

Whilst most areas of the every day home are well catered for in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Lunches and Garden categories in the online store — I’d like to propose one more (selfish) addition: Barista.

Barista cloths, yes indeed. There is nothing like an Unpaper Towel to dry that portafilter basket before dosing your next espresso. Delter Press drying and draining? Absolutely — got you covered! (Also fits an Aeropress – go figure!!)

Portafilter pre-dose prep taken care of…

The Delter drain…

I don’t really think there is a better time to reassess what we use around the home, and if that results in the need for some products like these, I’m sure you’ll find something you like that will serve you well.

My sister? Well, she’s pretty great.

hazel and me (affiliate link – every purchase earns me a thank you from my sister)

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