Where is Wiser Web Wednesday?

After a little deliberation over the past month or two, I’ve decided to hit the pause button on the Wiser Web Wednesday posts at the current time.

The past couple of months have seen more than a few Wednesdays missed – far from the end of the world of course. Also a predictable scenario, and the very reason the little blurb at the beginning of the posts describes each as a “semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web…” — tailor-made for those who may slacken off a little with posting. Nothing like planning ahead!

I’ve always maintained (and indeed commented to others) that no apology should be necessary when personal blogging schedules change for whatever reason, and continue to believe in that philosophy.

Think of this as more an update, and a wholehearted thank you to regular readers who found the occasional link useful or interesting, and of course to those who provided feedback or comment.

The reason for the change is probably as you’d expect — the time taken in putting things together, notwithstanding the handy iOS action extension sending content from the web straight into Ulysses with titles, links and text. There is obviously a little tidying up and additional comment to be added before publishing.

Easy enough, however the little things add up — whether it’s a few minutes spent checking social media (doing less of this); the few dollars per month on subscriptions (auditing and prioritising those), or your daily coffee (still doing this equally as much – no surprises there!). In any event, while relevant, this is not a post about priorities or time management per se.

So, after deleting the half-dozen Sunday through Wednesday reminder points from TaskPaper, perhaps I’ll just sit and work on something a little longer on those days, happy enough the looming Wednesday morning deadline is no more. Of course I do plan on continuing the somewhat irregular, yet ongoing stream of regular posts as always.

In finishing up, thanks for reading — I do appreciate your support.

2 thoughts on “Where is Wiser Web Wednesday?

  1. Hi Pete

    I will miss your WWW posts. I always found at least one or two interesting things (and usually more), but understand your decision to pull the pin.

    PS. Finally had a chance to grab a coffee from Strauss this morning. Fantastic! Thanks for bringing this establishment to my attention.




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