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Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


Though I don’t normally lean towards themes as far as my pens and inks are concerned, what’s not to love about a coffee imbued collection.

A nice roundup, though not sure I’d go as far as a scented ink:
Fountain pens and coffee, a delectable duo


Macchiato Man
Yagan Kiely reviews a couple of the excellent inks available in the Bookbinders Snake Ink collection.

Eastern Brown has become a favourite of mine, and I’d agree the Emerald Boa is fairly dry, although thoroughly enjoyable to use as well.

Some great images and comparisons included in the post:
Double Ink Review: Bookbinders Emerald Boa and Eastern Brown


Gourmet Pens
I’ve always had a soft spot for Montblanc’s Meisterstück range, being where my fountain pen journey began almost 20 years ago. I still have the standard black and gold Classique in my collection today.

Fast forward to today, and I’m quite drawn to the matte finish of the Ultra Black series.

I’ll admit though, my budget priorities are not likely to see me make another Montblanc purchase any time soon. As Azizah points out in the post, the Montblanc price tag is likely to be a barrier to many, along with perhaps the size of this particular model.

Nice pen though, and well reviewed as always:
Review: Montblanc Meisterstück Classique Ultra Black Fountain Pen


Brewing Coffee Manually
Making a tea-like brew from the dried skin and pulp of the coffee cherry is becoming more common these days.

While not to my taste, I did make a batch with the pulp after the natural coffee processing experiment I wrote about earlier this year, and it was, I must admit, a better brew than I’d expected.

If you do enjoy fruit infused beverages, this might be for you, and is at least worth trying if you come across it.

Advice on both hot and cold brewing methods for your enjoyment (or experimentation):
What is Cascara? – Exploring Coffee Cherry Tea


Perfect Daily Grind
Coffee made at the push of a button (or two perhaps), and reordered when you’re running low in the same way.

Who’d have thought actually sitting and scrolling through some green coffee listings would make me a dinosaur so soon. Convenient yes, but I know what I’d rather do.

Each to their own of course:
Specialty Success — AMAZON DASH Partners With 3rd Wave Coffee Maker


Roaster Joe
Although a humble home roaster like myself isn’t likely to delve as deeply into the science of moisture and density effects in relation to the process itself, I’m no less interested in reading about it.

…measuring moisture and using that measurement has created a correlation of information to results that is not truly a causation

A cautionary word on ensuring we don’t go overboard on any single variable without considering other factors or the bigger picture:
Coffee Roasting: Measuring What Matters


Apartment Vimeo Channel
I’ve often mentioned in correspondence to friends and even some posts you’ll read on these pages, of many words being written while sitting on a stool at my favourite cafe.

This short, 90 second video provides a glimpse inside what has become a second home during my workweek. You’ll also see I generously loaned owner Oliver Strauss my seat for the purposes of the video:
Apartment X Oliver Strauss


My Cuppa
I recently wrote a piece outlining my home espresso setup — part of which touched on the grinder I use.

This is a great article looking more closely at some key points on optimising your own grinding experience, namely:

  • the ideal grind will change day-to-day and even over the course of the day
  • purging the grinder is critical after periods of non-use or after a change in setting
  • you get what you pay for

Well worth reading the full article:
How to get the best coffee from your grinder

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