Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:

The Washington Post
If you’re looking for an overview of the current state of, and a little of the history behind the cold brew craze sweeping the coffee world – this isn’t a bad summary.

A traditional iced coffee is made with hot-brewed coffee that has been cooled down. Cold-brew is steeped in room-temperature or chilled water, allowing the coffee to slowly infuse over time

My preference? Probably chilled hot brew, though there are some pretty good cold brews going around:
Whatever happened to plain iced coffee? Cold-brew

Coffeelovers Magazine
It may be fairly quick to make, and sure, quick to drink if you are that way inclined, but I’d suggest taking just a little longer.

There’s such wonderful magic to be found, that it’s worth taking just a bit extra care in the enjoyment of the drink, to shut out the rest of the world for a minute or two, and dig into something that is one of the finest crafts that we make every day in this world.

In a world of cold brew and AeroPress, here’s to the humble espresso:
How To Drink Espresso – Your New Favorite Cup of Coffee …

James Hoffmann (2007 World Barista Champion) with an updated video demonstrating his preferred French Press brewing technique.

Apart from the other elements involved, a key aspect of this is using the metal screen as a filter rather than plunger, creating a silt-free brew.

Worth trying at least once to compare with your usual technique if you have a few extra minutes:
An updated french press video

Scotch Whisky
Although the active campaign for increased transparency in stating the component ages of scotch whisky has been put on hold by maker Compass Box, they do believe all is not lost.

Compass Box believes that it can reveal the ages (and other detailed information) of the components in its whiskies, based on its consultation with lawyers specialising in commercial law, as long as the company does so reactively, rather than proactively.

That is, if you ask – they’ll happily tell you.
Compass Box ends transparency drive… for now

You can also listen to John Glaser of Compass Box elaborate further when interviewed by Mark Gillespie on a recent episode of the Whiskycast podcast.
Whiskycast Episode 609

iMessage App Store
With the recent iOS 10 update adding many new features to Apple’s iMessage platform, there are of course numerous sticker packs available from the App Store.

Although I haven’t delved too deeply into what is available, I do like these coffee themed additions I can now “flavour” some of my messages with:
Third Wave Coffee Stickers for iMessage by Arno Richter

The soon to be released wireless Apple Air Pods are one of those things many of us would like to try, though at this point I’m unsure whether that is AU$229.00 worth of want-to-try.

I use the (now Lightning connected) standard Apple Ear Pods quite a bit, and similar to a point David Sparks raised in the post – the only time they have come adrift is when I’ve snagged the cord. This developing wireless technology is fairly compelling for me given I fairly regularly do just that – whether it be on my bag, wrapping it around my tie or even my belt buckle while walking with my phone in my hand. Even then, they don’t usually fall completely out, though boy its annoying feeling the drag every time I do it.

Assuming the fit is the same as the current wired model, I’d consider the risk of these falling from my ear to be virtually non-existent. Add to that the freedom from constantly snagging the wires makes them a very attractive proposition:
Initial Impressions of the Apple AirPods

Ulysses Blog
My first steps towards Ulysses becoming my text editor of choice began with the 30 day free trial NaNoWriMo promotion in November 2014.

Here we are now in November 2017, and I’m currently writing this – and every post in that very app. There have been a number of fairly significant updates over that time, not the least of which being the release of a fantastic iOS version, which would have made my NaNo journey in 2014 even more enjoyable.

Really, there’s never been a better time to both try Ulysses and writing a novel. Surely. Go! Flesh out that outline:
“Do You Have Plans for November?” – “I’ll Write a Novel.”

The Sweet Setup
There is a very kind gentleman I regularly correspond with whom I also consider my unofficial “Mac mentor”. As a result of this generous guidance, I am happily using Alfred as part of my workflow when at my desk at home. Certainly not to its full potential mind you, but I’ll get there.

This is quite a good summary if you are contemplating whether Alfred might be for you:
Our favorite OS X launcher

A brief piece of news regarding RSS application Mr Reader – or rather, its demise. Mr Reader has been my app of choice for scrolling through the RSS feeds on my iPad for a good couple of years now, so indeed it is a shame to see it go.

That said, I do not spend a whole lot of time in it – often scrolling through for any Wiser Web Wednesday links. I’ve now simply gone back to the Feedly app, which supplies the back end to my feeds anyway. Feedly is indeed a free app, and if you were to suggest using free apps is one of the reasons the Mr Reader’s of the world disappear, you’d probably be right. Having said that, I’ve also paid for quite a few that no longer exist, however a discussion on app payment models this isn’t:
Goodbye Mr. Reader

The Well-Appointed Desk
Having been fortunate enough to receive this exact set of inks for Father’s Day recently, I concur with Ana – the presentation of the set is fabulous.

Add to that the fact they are fantastic inks (the Eastern Brown is fast becoming a favourite), and you have a great option for sampling the entire Bookbinders Snake Ink range.

Ana with a great review as always:
Ink Review: Bookbinders Snake Ink Sampler Set

From the Pen Cup
Mary remarks in this post she has the worlds worst record for consistently journaling. I don’t believe that’s entirely true, for I make a compelling case for the title. In any event, it appears from this post she has permanently left the good-intentions-only ranks.

Full of quotes that buoy me up, details from my day that I surely would’ve forgotten, little epiphanies, and dinner ideas, the 2016 Techo has already become a treasured resource

Further, what started as a bit of journaling clearly has assisted an evolution into some positive behavioural change as well. An inspiring read.

More power to you Mary:
In Praise Of Habits

Field Notes
I do enjoy my fair share of Field Notes releases, however don’t religiously buy every seasonal edition by any stretch.

I do like the look of Fall’s Lunacy edition though – and of course the release video is always worth watching, demonstrating another aspect to the inspiration behind the name:

An elite level sporting life as a teenager resulted in my fair share of injuries, culminating in an anterior cruciate ligament rupture and subsequent knee reconstruction at age 18. Of course the road to osteoarthritis is paved with injury, so I’m well aware of what’s coming.

Although there is some way to go in advancements such as the one featured in this article, it will be interesting what best practice comes to look like in 30 years time.

Whether such a strategy will work years after an injury, when osteoarthritis is established and there is severe cartilage loss, still needs to be studied. But the findings suggest that the nanoparticles, if given soon after joint injuries occur, could help maintain cartilage viability and prevent the progression to osteoarthritis.

Personally I don’t subscribe to the view that medical advancements should necessarily afford us (in advanced countries at least) a longer life, however improving the quality of the final third is a worthy endeavour:
Nanoparticles injected into achy joints last for weeks

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