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Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


While this method of brewing doesn’t sound overly enticing, given the content of this post, and those who swear by it, clearly there is some merit — and flavour it would appear.

After 5 minutes of brewing, stir the coffee or swirl the pot gently, and pour coffee slowly. If you would like less grit in your coffee, wait an extra 5 minutes after stirring

My advice would perhaps be to give it that extra 5 minutes:
The Lonesome Art Of Cowboy Coffee


Tools and Toys
A very thorough review of the Ascaso I-Mini coffee grinder by Álvaro Serrano for Tools & Toys. Noted in the review as a sub three hundred dollar machine, it is of course a little more expensive in local Aussie dollars (AU$380.00 from De Bartoli).

The i-Mini is a tremendous grinder that punches well above its weight, and once you take a long hard look at its rivals, it becomes increasingly clear what an incredible value it really is.

For my filter and Aeropress brewing, nothing beats my Baratza as far as I’m concerned. That said – it is certainly nice to read well presented and thought out reviews such as this one — usually what you find on Tools & Toys:
The Ascaso i-Mini Coffee Grinder Review


Five Senses Coffee
Although not all of these categories may be relevant to the choices you make when buying coffee – they are all variables which influence how the resulting brew will ultimately taste.

A great overview of what to consider when buying beans for your brew:
Coffee selection guide: How to choose the beans that are right for me?


Perfect Daily Grind
A look at two establishments applying age-old methods to coffee in Tokyo.

They decided that their coffee was a one-man show, that craftsmanship is more important than a line at the door.

Without a taste test I guess I cannot say how good they are for sure – I’d certainly like to give them a try though:
The Japanese Master Roasters Ignoring the Third Wave


James Hoffmann writing on the ever-increasing popularity of the Geisha variety within the coffee industry.

I’m not writing this as an attempt to claim some superiority in my preferences. I’m writing this because I’m not comfortable with the decision, that appears increasingly collective, that this is the thing we should champion

An interesting read containing some valid concerns around this disproportionately expensive varietal:
On Geisha


Crane Reaction
Todd Crane, formerly of That One Pen, transforms his online home — now covering a broader range of topics on a new blog.

From the man himself:

A place where a husband, father, teacher, science nerd, sports fan, music geek, tech user, pen and pencil dork, etc. tries to keep track of and understand as much as he can.

I’m looking forward to the new content, however to kick things off here — it has to be a pen post of course:

I enjoy some pens you can buy by the dozen at the grocery store and a couple of my pens come from limited batches.

Yep – a good pen can take many forms. As can a great blog. All the best with the new site Todd – it looks great so far:
A Good Pen Matters


The Finer Point
Whether you call them “top” lists, “favourites”, or “highly recommended” as is the case here – it is universally accepted we all have our favourites, be they for our own use; recommendations to others; or both.

Though I’m not necessarily familiar with everything on this list – I think you’d be pretty safe to count on Jenny’s recommendations:
My Highly Recommended List


Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Upon first seeing the images in this post, I thought: yes, that’s a striking design, yet retains a certain degree of class, only for Ian to describe it thus:

It looks like a reptile all dressed up for a night out at a 70s themed nightclub

Regardless of which more closely aligns with your own thinking, this pen would be well worth winning for your own collection. Check out the post for further details:
Twiss Green Lizard Fountain Pen Review


To peat, or not to peat. A couple of industry figures give their (at times somewhat irreverent) views on the matter.

Balance and co-existence are probably key words to remember here:
The Debate: Peated whisky: the ultimate dram?

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