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Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


With a few Pilot Custom series pens sitting safely in my collection (many among my favourites), I would be lying to say the 823 won’t join them at some point in future.

…this filling system has seals that shut off the ink flow to the feed when the finial is screwed home. When writing more that a paragraph, the user must unscrew this finial approximately 2 mm to allow ink to pass by the internal seal and into the feed.

I’d agree with the conclusion of this great post from Paul, and in keeping with that theme — who’s going to pick one up for themselves? Anyone… anyone…?
Pen Review: Pilot Custom 823


Three Staples
The latest Field Notes Colors edition comes under the Three Staples lens.

Overall a unique and cheerful edition that reminded me once again that there’s never a dull moment in COLORS. But too many less-than-ideal features, like perforation, impractical body paper colors, and no ruling (my least favorite kind) make me place Sweet Tooth towards the bottom of my Field Notes ranking

Certainly a visually impressive edition, however as Jinnie concludes, it comes with a combination of features which certainly won’t suit everyone:
Field Notes Colors: Sweet Tooth


Too Many Inks
Queensland’s favourite ink collector again raises a nib after the scorer ticks over another milestone. This time a Ton of Noodler’s inks.

The post also includes some nice featured images of special editions taken from the ten by ten “grid of champions”:
One hundred bottles of Noodler’s ink


Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Ian takes a look at the music nib variation of the popular Platinum 3776.

I’m able to use this for day-to-day writing, which is not something I can say about other music nibs I’ve tried.

Although things may evolve in future, at the current time this is a key philosophy in the pens I own — there must be some element of everyday usability to make them worthwhile:
Platinum #3776 Music Nib Fountain Pen Review


The Gentleman Stationer
An enjoyable read and great overview of the world of nib customisation.

When you walk away from an appointment with a nib technician, you should have a pen that writes perfectly for you and your writing style.

Depending on your access to a nib technician, there may be some blind experimentation occurring with an online order, though I think on most occasions the results are positive:
An Introduction to Nib Customization


The Finer Point
Although I’m always happy to share samples of them here, as far as any attempt to make a go of the Bullet Journal system myself is concerned — the answer is a resounding no.

Some impressive pages here, however I just couldn’t do it myself. Hats off to those who can and do:
My First Steps into Bullet Journaling


From the Pen Cup
What can I say about this one?

Makes me want to go shopping:
Pens In Real Life: Taking the Gross Out Of Grocery Shopping


The Odyssey Online
Bethany Hargrove with a view on the daily life of a service industry worker, and the not so clear boundaries and customer expectations within it.

People in the service industry are getting paid to talk to their guests. It’s a crude description, but it’s true. I’m on the clock, and I most likely wouldn’t talk to you otherwise. My job is to be nice to people

True enough no doubt, though I can’t help but think some customers would make those dollars a little harder-earned:
Boundaries In Hospitality: Well, It’s Complicated


Daily Coffee News
If you’ve seen the recently updated coffee taster’s wheel (contained in this link), it may look just as overwhelming as the previous version.

With 116 identified attributes, the Taster’s wheel would seem to be a confounding prospect to anyone who doesn’t cup coffee professionally

Simplifying things quite a lot, I think the Drinkers Wheel is a great idea.

By contrast, the Drinker’s Wheel is remarkably simple, offering only six primary attributes: Nuts, Chocolate, Floral, Sweet Fruit, Bright Fruit, and Spices and Herbs

Providing some guidance towards the broader flavour groupings, and once mastered, should serve as a stepping stone to some of the more nuanced flavour profiles of the larger wheel:
This Coffee Drinker’s Flavour Wheel from Belgium is an Interesting Marketing Idea


Fika: to have coffee
What’s not to love about a documentary featuring a way of life in which coffee is an integral part?

Whether it’s with friends, family, or simply a great pen, blank page and potential – I think the Swedes have this one figured out:
The Series

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