Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


The Pen Addict
It was only recently I was thinking I must put my thoughts together on one of the pens which makes me smile every time I use it: the Faber-Castell Ambition – a really great pen.

The model I own is the green variation, here Susan Piggot reviews the Blue Ocean edition for The Pen Addict:
Faber-Castell Ambition Blue Ocean OpArt Fountain Pen: A Review


The Finer Point
I must admit to only occasionally browsing through both the genuine and non-Midori options for housing the Traveller’s Notebook system. No, I don’t use them – however like many, I have a strange fascination with what others are using.

I have two Field Notes memo books in my Raydori, my Midori passport sized clear pocket and my Midori passport sized monthly calendar.

For those who do, this looks like a decent option from a UK-based supplier:
My Life All in One Place Leather Notebook Cover (or the Raydori)


The Gentleman Stationer
Of course it’s all pen show action this week leading up to Atlanta — particularly for readers/writers in and around The Pen Addict podcast community.

Happy hunting to all those attending:
Pen Show Primer, Volume 1: Why Visit a Pen Show?
Pen Show Primer, Volume 2: Getting Ready for a Pen Show


The Well-Appointed Desk
Ana with a review of the Baron Fig Squire pen, and having just received my shipping notice, I’ll soon be in possession of the charcoal version I backed in the Kickstarter campaign.

But in the end, I am really quite pleased. I suspect I will use it regularly. Its aesthetically appealing, comfortable in the hand and allows me plenty of refill options since I’m a great big picky-pants about that. And isn’t that what you want from a good pen? Something that feels good in the hand and writes the way YOU want it to write?

Again, as with other first impressions I’ve read to date, things sound promising — reassuring to note given mine is on its way:
Review: Baron Fig Squire

More from Ana — this time some packing tips on the topic of the moment: pen shows. Probably not surprising a “Fashionable Friday” post relegates the fishing vest to the not-to-pack list:
Fashionable Friday: The Pen Show Edition – The Well-Appointed Desk


Pen Habit
An impressive looking pen with an interesting filling system.

You fill the pen by depressing the metal “arc” protruding from the top of the pen’s barrel. Pressing down on the arc compresses a metal bar inside the pen which in turn compresses the sac. When released, the sac re-expands, sucking ink up into the pen

As noted in the post — I am not entirely sold on the lock collar appearance either, however am not sure what a better alternative might necessarily be as far as material and colour:
Visconti Millennium Arc Moonlight


CBS News
It’s easy to forget the direct effects our coffee habits have on the growers and farmers who produce it.

That cup of coffee — and I’ve seen it — changes the life of those growers. That’s a massive, massive difference. It is one cup of coffee, but it’s changing a life

Out of context quotes like these are often simply seen as hyperbole, however celebrity or otherwise, the means to effect change for the greater good is something to celebrate and support.
​Hugh Jackman: Changing lives, one cup of coffee at a time


Smart Girls Make Coffee
Indeed they do, and there are lots of them. Unfortunately the experiences are not always positive:

I’ve been treated like garbage by male colleagues because they just can’t seem to fathom that I am delegating as a manager, rather than being an emotional woman.

Taylor Browne shares her story of hard-earned success, and it is well worth reading (link via the Barista Hustle Newsletter)
The person, the story and the hard work I knew…


The Singleton Argus
The Australian made Starward Malt Whisky was my favourite among those I received as gifts over Christmas. Although not the double-gold medal winning wine cask matured single malt, it was a mighty enjoyable drop, in no small way attributable to Melbourne’s variable weather according to founder David Vitale.

Our four-seasons-in-a-day is our secret weapon. It creates a richer, mellower whisky in a shorter time frame because those barrels are working so hard every day.”

Apparently, said barrels worked hard enough to get Starward over the line at the recent San Francisco Global Spirits Competition, along with fellow Aussie Four Pillars Gin.

A congratulatory dram is in order:
Victorian whisky Starward strikes gold at Global Spirits Competition


Herald Scotland
Speaking of Aussies, there are probably not many of us with the inclination to buy a Scottish distillery — though I expect the means to do so may have something to do with it as well. One man who did, and had, of course proceeded to buy the Bladnoch distillery in Newton Stewart.

While Pure Scot is hoped to be the distillery’s main volume driver – it currently retails for A$80 (£43) in Australia – Bladnoch single malt will launch in Australia later this year, with the US and UK to follow in 2017

I’ve yet to taste the drink itself, and perhaps the Pure Scot blended might be the way to go while waiting for the Bladnoch single malt to arrive:
Australian yoghurt mogul aims to return Bladnoch distillery to former glories


A considerable amount of words have been spoken and written about the recent changes to TextExpander – the Mac and iOS app which has now moved to a subscription service model.

Smile has a new business model for TextExpander 6. They call it a subscription model but I’m going to call it app renting. I think of a subscription as a recurring fee for ownership. When I rent, I get an access and usage permission but I get nothing to keep. It’s pedantic and probably wrong but it’s how my mind keeps track of value. They can call it what they want and I can call it what I want. We’re good.

Although quite a long post in its entirety, I think the above quote pretty well sums I up. Various monetisation models within the app-sphere are defined differently and mean different things to different people. The result? Different views on the value of such changes and whether they are worthy of our money. However you may define it – the decision to pay up is yours to make:
TextExpander and App Rental

Further, a possible alternative:

I’ve discovered weaknesses in my systems for shortcut expansion as my collection grows. I just can’t remember all of them. Even worse, accidental triggers eliminate all of the efficiency gains for shortcuts. So, I started using organized lists of snippets and Copied.app is great for this.

Whether or not a full featured worthwhile alternative exists across both the Mac and iOS remains to be seen, however I don’t believe we’ll be short of suggestions:
Copied App for Snippet Management


Though I’ve not had the need to nest any folders in the Apple Notes app to date, as the number grows it will most likely come in handy.

Open Apple Notes on your Mac and simply drag an existing folder on top of another. That adds a disclosure triangle to the folder and placed the moved folder inside the destination folder. Then open up the Apple Notes application on your iPhone or iPad and give it a second to synchronize and you’re good to go.

Glad I have a Mac to do it though (or alternatively, it can be done by logging into iCloud on the web):
Nesting Folders in Apple Notes — MacSparky

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