Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


Bookbinders Online
As well as recently introducing some fine Tomoe River paper products, Bookbinders have now added some interesting looking inks to fill them up with.

Bookbinders Snake Ink was inspired in design by the wily snake oil salesmen of the early 1900’s, and in colour by the beautiful and dangerous snakes of the world.

The Snake Ink range comes in five colours, is produced and bottled in Australia, and has some great names, including my favourite — the Red-Belly Black. Though I never enjoyed seeing them in the wild, I certainly wouldn’t mind an up close encounter with a 30 ml bottle of this “venom”:
Snake Ink – Red-Belly Black


My Pen Needs Ink
A nice comparison of a good cross-section of D1 refills.

Most pen manufacturers just don’t make a lot of variety in mini refills. One ubiquitous refill is the somewhat universal D1 size used in many different pens.

And the winner is… over at My Pen Needs Ink:
D1 Pen Refill Shootout


A nice addition to the Kaweco Sport fountain pen range:

“Finally”, I am sure many will say. After quite an amount of adventurous posts on the web on how to use bottled ink with any of the SPORT-series fountain pens (including eye-dropper conversion) and after quite some discontent with the current Squeeze Converter, Kaweco has now released a piston converter to fit the SPORT-series fountain pens.

I guess I won’t need to refill quite so many cartridges now:
News from Kaweco: STUDENT Demonstrator Fountain Pen and (long awaited!) SPORT Series Piston-Converter


That One Pen
This is it: the final list — and a varied one it is. To me, the content of a list like this is symbolic of one thing — how different we all are in our tastes. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all liked the same pens (or pencils as it were).

Great series of posts Todd:
I Know What I Like – Top 10 Pens and Pencils


JetPens Blog
A nice guide from Jet Pens which would make a good starting point for someone looking to get into fountain pens:
Choosing a fountain pen


The Pelikan’s Perch
Speaking of getting started in fountain pens, judging by some of the comments on this post, Pelikan is about to price itself squarely out of any entry-level recommendations — let alone talking about the higher end pens.

Nobody likes to read headlines of a cost increase but I think that this round of new fees in particular won’t sit well with the community at large.

When reading news such as this, I do often wonder just how big the “loyal fan base” is from a revenue perspective, and whether that even has an impact on the decisions of a company such as Pelikan (a genuine thought as I have absolutely no idea):
News: Pelikan Price Increases 2016


Pen Economics
While the above post isn’t great news, this won’t exactly brighten your day either.

I’m the first to admit I don’t spend much time at all on the Fountain Pen Network. The basis for this is I’ve simply found I have enough to keep up with through other sources. In any event, a lot has been going on in relation to some posts about upcoming Montblanc releases, some deleted threads and a censored flow of information.

As usual with posts highlighting issues such as these, the comments are well worth reading, as will an upcoming follow-up pice looking more closely at Montblanc’s role in all this:
The Craven Submission of the Fountain Pen Network


The Urban List
I typically find when reading lists such as these I’m thinking: “mmmm… yeah… I don’t know about that one” for about a third of the inclusions.

Although personal preference and individual opinion play a large part — in my humble one, this list is decidedly accurate and fairly complete:
Who Does The Best Coffee In Brisbane?


Things are hotting up in the AeroPress world, especially the usual promo poster wars that ensue in the lead up to each years competition.

WAC events will happen hot and heavy between now and June, leading up to the 2016 World AeroPress Championship event in Dublin, Ireland

Aussies out there will surely appreciate Ned “AeroPress” Kelly in the Victorian competition poster:
The 2016 World AeroPress Championship Is Popping Off


Steven Pressfield
In a follow-up to last weeks link to some compelling ideas around theme in your writing, this time a look at the difference between theme and subject.

Some practical examples to boot:
The Difference Between Subject and Theme


James Croft on Medium
I’m certain we’ll eventually be wearing these, it’s just a question of when, how, and how much. James Croft outlines a few simple requirements for successfully putting together a pair of truly wireless earbuds.

Requirements which I’m sure many would agree with:
Apple, Here’s How To Make A Pair Of Amazing Wireless Earbuds


Whisky Cast
Releasing its first single malt nine years after coming into existence, the Ailsa Bay master blender has apparently been doing a little experimenting with maturation methods.

“We knew we couldn’t out-Islay Islay,” Abrook said in a telephone interview. “What we wanted to do was celebrate that at a modern distillery using the latest methods but still obviously adhering to the traditions that are in single malt whisky.”

…the “cask-starting” process uses small casks previously used at New York’s Tuthilltown Spirits for Hudson Baby Bourbon to give the new make spirit an initial boost for several months before the whisky is transferred to a mix of traditional-size refill, first-fill, and Virgin Oak barrels for the rest of the maturation period.

Reading this in Australia, the main disappointment comes in seeing the availability will be UK retailers and several Nordic countries. Oh well, I guess there are plenty of others to try:
Cask Finishing: Ailsa Bay Turns the Process on its Head

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