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Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


From the Pen Cup
There are no Vespas in my household, and I do not typically buy pens to match anything in particular, however I must admit Mary puts forward a compelling argument for doing just that.

Did I look around for something brown or olive green after I read this? Might have.

The Karas Kustoms Bolts, the Nock Co Sinclair, great photography and handwriting — it’s all here for your reading and viewing pleasure:
Everywhere Carry: Nock Co. Sinclair and Karas Kustoms Bolts


Too Many Inks
A high price for an ink? Yes. Too high? Maybe, maybe not — it all depends on your perspective and reasons for buying of course. Collect them and want it? Enough said really.

Two things on this. One — I actually think it is a pretty great colour; two — I’d argue it is better value than perhaps a rare set of Field Notes.

Again — perspective and reasons:
First Use: Montblanc Mahatma Gandhi Orange


Alt. Haven
It is the time of year for lists, and there is no better place to start than with pens and inks of course. Kicking things off are Junee’s lists of favourites for the year:
Top 5 Favourite Pens 2015
Top 5 Favourite Inks 2015


The Fountain Pen Quest
Some initial thoughts on the Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age. As Ray indicates, there are a few points to note if you are thinking of buying one yourself, though overall, I’d say he is glad he did:

When taking notes for work I use big words since they take longer to write. When I’m not taking notes I’m doodling. At night I look for things to write.

A more detailed review is planned in a few months, which I for one am looking froward to:
This Just In: Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age


Goodwriterspens’s Blog
Not owning any of the restoring kind, I’ve not had any pens restored to this point in my pen journey. Something I hadn’t really thought of though, are the rights or wrongs when the practices of the restorer are questioned by a customer. Perhaps neither of course, and it is simply a matter of opinion.

That said, here, the restorer provides some sound rationale which makes sense to me about the methods used and reasons for using them:
Restoration Practices


The Gentleman Stationer
I recall looking in earnest (you know — staring really intently at a web browser pointed at an online stationery store) at these pens when I dabbled in a couple of multi-pen variants, thinking they represented a fairly stylish version of said multi’s.

As Joe mentions, it is a fairly slender pen, which I don’t mind – particularly in a pen that for me, won’t see any sustained writing sessions either. I would though agree with this:

Where the Sharbo X will kill you, however, is on the gel refills, if that’s your preference.

Yes, they aren’t that expensive, though at volume? It certainly adds up. So in the end I didn’t buy one, but boy, I still very much like them.
Zebra Sharbo X: The Premium Multi Pen


The Pelikan’s Perch
Nice to read what might be coming — both in online shops and therefore subsequently through my Instagram and RSS feeds next year. Where they won’t be heading is through the post to my mailbox – I’ve certainly more than enough pens to keep me going for a little while (still plenty to write about that’s for sure).

Good odds that many of these beauties will be store bound in the new year:
Rumor: What to Expect in 2016


Value can mean many things, but surely a $2.50 fountain pen which provides a writing experience like a… well… a decent fountain pen would fit anyones definition of the word.

A thorough and informative review, which will surely lead you to check for some change down the back of the couch and perhaps pick one up:
Baoer 507 fountain pen review


Pens! Paper! Pencils!
As Ian states, although better known for their pencils, Tombow do make some great fountain pens. The Tombow Object fountain pen I own is a great pen indeed, and this Zoom 101 looks fantastic.

This is one of the best pens no-one has heard of and has firmly, and unexpectedly, become of my favourites.

Well worth considering it would appear:
Tombow Zoom 101 Fountain Pen Review


CRS Coffeelands Blog
The final in a daily eight part series on modern slavery in Brazil’s coffee sector.

This is not about 15 coffee estates in Brazil that appeared on the government’s Dirty List.  It is not about the more than 400 workers who were rescued from those estates by Brazilian labor inspectors.  It isn’t about calling out Brazil because we found evidence there is slavery in its coffee sector—modern slavery is everywhere.  And it isn’t really even just about coffee.

Mentioned in an earlier post was also the fact that conditions are not necessarily worse in Brazil, just that the country has better governance and transparency on such matters, which can only be a positive thing.

A fascinating read from start to finish on a topic that absolutely is not just about the coffee industry:
Slaves in Brazil’s coffee sector. So, what?


The Sweethome
When you first start taking more of an interest in coffee, you begin to see the same recommendation from just about everyone “in the know” — its all about the grinder. If you are going to spend some money, “spend it on the best grinder you can get”.

Is that the most expensive grinder? Not necessarily, and again, one of the trends you begin to see is the outstanding reputation of Baratza’s range of grinders. I myself had my eye on this very model for my filter brewing needs, until I was fortunate enough to win its big brother, the Vario, in an Instagram competition.

Please note though, as the post states, the Virtuoso is best for anyone “not making espresso”. Any other forms of brewing? Do not spend any more money. In Australia, distributor Five Senses currently have the Baratza Encore for $AUD205.70 — noted to be a close runner-up to the Virtuoso, yet a bit easier on the wallet.

This is one of the best comparison reviews backed up with data and rationale I’ve seen (and not just because I agree with the conclusion):
The Best Coffee Grinder


The Whisky Topic Podcast
Yes, an interview with a micro-biologist involves a little science, however the conversation was far broader than that. As brand ambassador and micro-biologist for Highland Park and The Macallan, Nicolas Villalon does a pretty good job.

Really enjoyed this one:
40: Highland Park & The Macallan with Nicolas Villalon – “To add insult to injury, my boss was paying for them!”


I’ve used Skitch for my iOS photo mark ups for quite some time. Again, whether we are talking apps for email, photo mark ups or anything else — simply further evidence of a very fickle market:
Evernote Ending Support for Skitch on iOS

While at Macstories, check out King of iOS Federico Viticci’s list of must have apps for the year. There are 50 apps in this list — yes 50 (43 of which are universal for iPhone and iPad). I’m not about to recommend you try every one of them, however even if you pick up one or two, perhaps it’s been worth it:
My Must-Have iOS Apps, 2015 Edition


MindNode Blog
I love the ease with which mind maps come together on MindNode, and I probably should use it more than I do.

Here, a couple of reminders why:
MindNode for iOS Hidden Gems #1

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