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Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


BBC News
Although producing about a third of the world’s coffee, much of Brazil’s output is of lower value at the commodity end of the market. Some farmers are keen on making a change:

We want to be in a smaller market, but that does not depend just on demand. In the specialty market, it is not the global demand that drives prices. It is the quality of the product that you put

With locally produced specialty coffee to be served in tourism venues at next years Rio Olympics, the sport on offer won’t be the only thing worth sampling:
Brazilian farmers wake up to their own specialist coffee


A look at the results of a recent remodelling of one of LA’s specialty coffee establishments – G&B:

With four sides of counters around an island of minimalistic gadgetry, the bar serves customers from anywhere along the perimeter. The effect is a 360° service model that fosters intimacy and familiarity among patrons, while facilitating efficient, high-quality service from the staff

A great looking space and an interesting service model which has been put in place. It does make me think however about some of the best cafes in Australia, and their ability to nail a high standard of service, both at the bar, adjacent tables, and in outside laneways — day in, day out. Something we probably shouldn’t take for granted it appears:
Inside The G&B Coffee Remodel In Downtown Los Angeles


Erin Brooks
Only recently have I begun some attempts to improve through better post processing the images I add to posts on this blog. For convenience, along with the fact I was never much of a photographer, many continue to be taken with my iPhone.

There is probably no better time to do the same if photography has never been your strong suit — the hardest part is working out which apps might best assist you to do this. Some expert guidance here:
Mextures, Snapseed and Pixelmator


The most used widgets in my today view are OmniFocus, Day One (random photos from past entries) and of all things the Find Friends app, which is a great way to check the location of family members without having to open the app itself.

Despite downloading Launcher some time ago, I never really took the time to set up and use it to its full capabilities. As I find myself in the today view more and more it seems timely to revisit this (if nothing else than for the shortcuts to dialling and texts where I don’t wish to publicly speak to Siri). If you are considering the same, there are a few pointers here which may be helpful:
A Few Launchers for iOS 9


At $AU199, the new Magic Trackpad 2 —isn’t cheap, and to be honest, I haven’t even nudged up against the old model’s limits, let alone added more options through something like Better Touch Tool. Perhaps a good time to download and configure it, giving me a “new” feeling minus the cost outlay.

Here, David Sparks configures the Force Touch gestures on his shiny new Trackpad 2:
The Magic Trackpad 2 and Better Touch Tool


Robb Lewis
As if search and discovery of decent apps in the iOS store isn’t random enough, away we go with another platform without an easy way for reviewers to link to featured apps. Unless of course a few ground rules are followed.

Come to think of it I’m not sure why I added this here, as I’m fairly certain there isn’t a hotbed of frenzied developer interest every time I publish a post.

Because, dear reader, we are well-rounded and widely read individuals — all of us:
Tips for Apple TV App Developers


Ink on Hand
Speaking of such individuals, yet another explanation on the often debated merits of the Oxford or serial comma. Worth its price of admission here and taken completely of context I present the following:

Serial comma = better party

Go on, Tweet that:
The Serial (Oxford) Comma: When and Why To Use It


The Finer Point
I do find the combination of colour and design quite attractive in the 580RB from TWSBI. Although Jenny is reminded of the French flag, of course the colours translate quite well to the Australian flag also.

This is a pen I can rely on and know it will just work

Not only a winner in looks, but in performance as well it appears:
TWSBI Diamond 580RB – EF Nib


Pens! Paper! Pencils!
I do have more than a passing interest in mechanical pencils, however have not owned one since my technical drawing classes in the middle of high school, my equipment dominated back then by the Rotring logo (nothing too expensive of course).

Recently it has been nothing more than occasionally picking up the cheaper models my kids have for school. Now there’s a strategy — I really think you children need better quality pencils… now just let me check online… click, click…

The knurled grip is good looking and is grippy without digging into my sensitive never-done-a-real-day’s-work fingers

Ian reviews a solid (though perhaps not outstanding contender):
Cult Pencil Mechanical Pencil Review

Remember – for a fantastic online resource for all things pencil and pen, look no further than the Pennaquod site Ian set up and maintains.


Whsky Buzz
Mark Bylok provides a very well-balanced first impression of the Norlan whisky glass which has more than doubled its $75,000 Kickstarter funding goal, and with 34 days remaining will go a long way further than that. Although providing a nice “pop” on the first pour:

If you don’t find whisky harsh on the nose, or regularly drink whisky at higher proofs, this might not be the glass for you

I must admit though, I am intrigued, and aside from that, though I’m sure the design isn’t for everyone, I actually quite like it. I have a little thinking to do over the next month or so.

If you watch the Kickstarter video, be sure to temper things with the full piece by Mark here:
First Impressions Drinking from a Norlan Whisky Glass


Kickstarter – Baron Fig
Did someone say Kickstarter? While you are checking out the whisky glass, those penclined (awfully sorry) should also check out the newest venture from Baron Fig: the Squire pen. The campaign has gone live a couple of minutes ago, though of course it is 10pm Tuesday evening here as I write this.

I’m interested — particularly as I am looking to put together a decent collection of everyday rollerballs with some uniqueness to compliment my Retro 51 (starting with the recent Karas Customs EDK on Massdrop), without well… simply buying another couple of Retro 51’s:

As I check again this morning, the $15,000 funding goal has been more than doubled already:
Squire – The pen is a might sword


The Sweet Setup
The Sweet Setup’s Shawn Blanc outlines what is contained in his Day One journaling app, and unsurprisingly, it’s a lot more than a few simple journal entries. In mine? Looking at the list of tags, we have, amongst other things: workout logs, holidays, coffee logs, a record of currently inked pens, and some other miscellaneous snaps of various family items of significance to me.

One of the things I love about Day One is the sheer diversity of possible entries and uses. No, I don’t religiously sit down and reflect on each day as many do, however even without that, it remains one of my most used apps.
What’s In My Day One?

Which brings me to the following eBook, co-authored by Shawn and the Sweet Setup team. Just about everything you need to know about this fantastic Mac and iOS app, perhaps with the exception of any in-depth look at integration with other apps such as Drafts and Launch Centre Pro, however there is a link to the Day One website for more information on these.

This is the most detailed and extensive guide to Day One available today. Featuring in-depth reviews that cover every function and feature found within Day One, our handbook goes line-by-line showing you how to make the most of this award-winning journaling app.

After downloading the iBook yesterday, I have had a quick skim through, and this is an extremely well put together and informative collection on both the Mac and iOS versions of the app:
Day One In Depth

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