Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:

Today we’ll take the approach that somewhere in the world, it is indeed still Wednesday.


Adam Metelmann’s Tumblr
Sprinkled throughout a few previous posts and links, you will find references to this barista, from whom I have the honour of ordering my coffee each and every day as I sit and write much of what you read on these pages.

A consummate professional and master of his craft, I am always amazed when I ask a question around a technical aspect of coffee, at not only the extent of the information I receive, but Adam’s willingness and excitement to share it.

The first post appearing on Adam’s new Tumblr blog: Extractions, Expressions and Some Other Stuff to me, is one of the more exciting pieces of recent news. If you are at all interested in coffee, be sure to keep an eye on what is posted here — I guarantee you will learn something. The only thing bigger than the knowledge this man carries in his head is the heart and soul he puts into his industry and craft.

Anticipating great things to come:
The first post and hopefully not the last.


The Gentleman Stationer
Great choice for an EDC pen in my opinion, though I do not own a ballpoint version of the Lamy 2000 myself. Yes, we all love our fountain pens, however I generally don’t take them with me out to the shed or with a pocket notebook to the shops. For those times you’ll most likely find my Retro 51 or Kaweco Sport Classic (both currently sporting Schmidt P8126 refills) in my hand.

The one Joe features here is not your average Lamy 2000 either:
Lamy 2000 Ballpoint: My Go-To EDC Option


The Pelikan’s Perch
Although I have no doubt it works perfectly, I admit I too have always been a little ambivalent about the cartridge mechanism in the P series Pelikans. This is a great post from Joshua, as it also highlights the positives of a fairly standard, yet very reliable nib — and really, there is nothing inherently wrong with that:
Review: P200 Black (2014)


The Clicky Post
With the exception of a few recent images — every photo you see in these pages has been taken with an iPhone. Not because I wish to prove any sort of point — simply because I have never really been “into” photography, and therefore never really owned a camera that was any better. Although that has changed a little, I can still see the ease of using my iPhone as a big drawcard — plenty of tips here in Mike Dudek’s excellent post on taking macro photos wth this capable device.

Let’s see those nibs in all their glory people:
Macro photos on a budget: what you’ll need to shoot with your iPhone


The Pen Addict
I think there are two ways to approach things if you have an inkling towards getting into fountain pens.

You could read very carefully through a fantastic post such as this one — or simply read point 1., and then go for it — coming back for the remainder later. Either approach in my view is valid, but the most important thing? Just get in and try it — go on…you won’t look back:
The Beginner’s Guide to Fountain Pens (By a True Beginner)


Study Hacks – Cal Newport
I have never been great at planning a day in time blocks, generally looking at what is on my list and just hacking through it like some sort of animal. Somewhat pleasingly, the emphasis of this post is not so much a rigid plan, but at least a lack of drift.

The key, instead, is to make sure that I am intentional about what I do with my time, and don’t allow myself to drift along in a haze of reactive, inbox-driven busyness tempered with mindless surfing.

Always enjoy seeing how others work:
Deep Habits: Three Recent Daily Plans


The Guardian
An enjoyable read about the recent Coffee Masters event in New York. Great to see an Aussie come out on top, and in the typical fashion of a high-flying international barista:

Asked what he was going to do with the $5,000 prize money, he shrugged and said: “I guess I have to buy my ticket back to Australia.”

Inside the world of coffee obsessives: baristas compete at New York festival


Matt Gemmell
I have been reading with interest many of the opinions on ad blockers, and the subsequent blocking of such blockers. It is, and will continue to be, an interesting time in the life of the internet.

Ad-serving sites are being faced with a crisis entirely of their own making. They defined their own value — and their terms of engagement — right from the start.

I agree, and it reminds me in some ways of supposed self-regulated industries which invariably cross what many would consider a “reasonable” threshold in behaviour. Of course, who or what could step in and regulate the internet? Only consumer behaviour of course.

This is a great piece as usual from Matt on a somewhat hot topic, dealing with a deeper level of thinking on the subject, yet also explaining what is actually happening with these transactions — a lot more than the superficial “ads are annoying” level of understanding by what I’m sure is the view of many (meaning no disrespect — I simply believe most in the general internet community have not thought beyond this aspect).

I’d encourage just a little deeper understanding of the issues at hand:


Whether or not Apple’s revamped Notes app will satisfy my requirements in the long-term remains to be seen, however with each passing month, migrating the notes from my Evernote account seems like the right decision — for myself at least.

I just didn’t really ever gel with Evernote:
Evernote got troubles

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