Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular post to links of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


Perfect Daily Grind
A little too late for a career change? Perhaps, however if I were to do it, a reasonable pathway might be something like this:
How YOU Can Make a Career Out of Coffee Roasting

Daily Coffee News
Of course the link above just wouldn’t do without this follow-up. The first in a four-part series by the Craft Coffee Institute’s Andrew Russo on launching a small commercial roasting operation:
Roastery Planning and Pitfalls Part 1: Equipment

The Sweet Setup
Although not exactly pushed for space on my Mac at home, unnecessary files such as these are always high on my list to clear out:
Quick Tip: Control how many backups Day One stores

What’s not to love about an article on backup strategies that begins with:

But most of you are playing fast and loose with valuable 1s and 0s. You’re pretty much Vincent D’Onofrio in Full Metal Jacket.

Of course the moral of the story being the vital importance of backing up your data in the form of three different copies, in two formats, with one copy in the cloud: aka the 3-2-1 strategy. Anthony Agius as only he can:
How I Keep My Precious Data Safe

The Pen Habit
I of course read the DC Pen Show wrap ups as I’m sure many of you did, and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I was surprised to learn this was Matt Armstrong’s first pen show, however far from it that he wrote such a great series of posts on the experience:
2015 DC Pen Show Report – Thursday and Friday
2015 DC Pen Show Report – Saturday and Sunday
2015 DC Pen Show: Wrap-up

Art of Manliness
I have been known to share the occasional podcast recommendation on these pages, however for a quite a few more suggestions, the Art of Manliness will happily help you out:
24 Podcast Suggestions for Men

Gear Patrol
Gear Patrol with the morning routines of some notable individuals, including DDC’s Aaron Draplin:

Wake up, check for heartbeat.

If its bacon and eggs. I love a coke with ice

Fuel for Field Notes indeed:
How 9 Notable People Eat Breakfast

On Fountain Pens
Maybelline shares her five fountain pen recommendations for beginners. One through three on the list I own, and would certainly agree with their inclusion here. The Ohto I’ve not tried, and aren’t quite taken with the design, whereas the Plasir is a great looking pen, and if it writes as well as the Preppy, is on my list of future purchases:
5 Fountain Pens for Beginners

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