Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:


Study Hacks – Cal Newport
An interesting yet valid way to approach your productivity efforts throughout the day. In many ways it is very easy to consider that you’ve failed when things get unavoidably off track – despite the cause often being exactly that – unavoidable.

… judge your day on how well you executed your productivity process, not the details of what you actually produced

Just remember the above quote does not say: “fiddled with your productivity process”. Interrupted? Rework the plan and get going again — as soon as possible:
Deep Habits: Process Trumps Results for Daily Planning

The Ink Blob
While I wouldn’t say it is the best notebook ever (simply because I’d like to think I haven’t found that yet). I was however certainly impressed with my recently filled Rollbahn:
The Best Notebook Ever – A Rollbahn Notebook Review

Nib & Ink
It becomes very easy to exclude all else once you travel down the fountain pen path, however there is an awful lot of great stuff out there — and not all of it has tines on the end:
Review: Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 Refill

Fountain Pen Economics
As far as I am concerned, there is no right or wrong answer as to whether the input of time and effort into a blog is worthy of reward — only your answer. To those seeking a return, I sincerely wish you every success:
Blog Monetisation

On Fountain Pens
Although popular in Germany from what I understand, Online fountain pens seem fairly scarce locally. Having recently come into possession of a model not dissimilar to the subject of Maybelline’s review, I too am impressed with the nib and ease of everyday writing:
Online Vision Fountain Pen

Finer Things in Tech
The slide up banner in Pocket routinely greets me upon opening the iOS app, as chances are reasonably good the most recent addition to my clipboard was a URL. Although on occasion I’ve wished it wasn’t there, I don’t believe I’ve ever even swiped down to dismiss it. So I’d have to agree — it really isn’t intrusive in any way. I for one wouldn’t be disappointed to see it used in other apps:
iOS and Mac devs: Pocket’s non-intrusive “slide-up” banner is a great option for user prompts

Five Senses Coffee
I’ve been reading more and more on espresso brewing parameters recently, which of course include extraction.

Extraction time is a rough indicator of the total amount of content being removed from espresso, but it doesn’t exist in a void and it’s important to understand the other factors interacting with this variable

Some food for thought here:
Contact for content – Exploring Time During Espresso Extraction

Cat and Cloud Coffee Podcast
One of my favourite episodes of this coffee-related podcast so far. I find it’s often the Q&A (someone actually asking what everyone wants to know) or unplanned discussion which provides the greatest opportunity to pick up valuable snippets of knowledge:
Episode 9: Truby and Baca answer your questions

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