Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web, by those far wiser than myself:

Do I have enough? Too much? What if that isn’t the pen I want to use on a particular day and I don’t have any others? All valid questions regarding pen and paper prior to departing on a trip (at least in my opinion anyway) — and thankfully for others as well. These questions and more, definitively answered by Paul with a graphite and paper combination all of his own. Look forward to hearing how the trip went:
On The Road Stationary, Yukon Style

The Guardian
Fightin’ words in relation to “craft coffee”:

Not for the first time, the “craft” movement is slowly and earnestly sucking the joy out of something that isn’t half as complicated or important as some people think it is.

Incidentally, is that the same as “specialty coffee” – I’m not sure, but whatever it is, the author takes a rather dim view of same. In any event, though not totally without foundation, the usual over-generalisation which assumes there is inherent fault in any establishment caring about what they serve. To be fair however, it is often not necessarily what you serve, but how you serve it:
‘Craft’ coffee is becoming the province of chin-stroking joy thieves

Mark Bylok
Whiskey reviews are at times intimidating, and as a result can be less than helpful. Short, informative, and to the point can have a lot going for it. Mark Bylok tweaks his formula for reviewing whiskey, and a star (or four) is born:
An Update To How I Write Whisky Reviews

A very informative and well illustrated guide to cleaning fountain pens if you are new to the nib and ink game. A little Googling will come up with similar tips and equipment, however I thought this was quite comprehensive and easy to follow:
How to Clean a Fountain Pen

Curious Rat
The way the online pen community works generally is that you stumble across it, and suddenly you’re smack bang in the middle of it — somehow bypassing the “I’m new / Be kind / I hope I fit in” awkwardness. Such is the generosity and willingness of the community to embrace all members great and small. Another example here:
Penciling in a New Passion

Alt. Haven
Whilst not likely to see use as an everyday writer for Junee given the soft fine nib, a gorgeous pen nonetheless:
Review: Pilot Custom Heritage 91

Ed Jelley
Why not add another to the Pilot Custom review links today? Another gorgeous pen, the Custom 823, this time with an Architect grind on the medium nib. I haven’t given much thought to custom nib grinds as yet, however I have taken quite a liking to the entire Custom series:
Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen With Architect Grind Review

Dispatches From Bergen
I must admit to being a little lazy about processing the photos I take on my iPhone, however have begun to tweak a few things in an attempt to improve the photos on my blog. Yes, there are much better ways to do so (like using an actual camera), however it’s a start right? The Darkroom Sunday School series has been a decent place to start, the latest of which:
Darkroom Sunday School: Adopting a Workflow

Gourmet Pens
As word gets around on the performance of Staedtler’s steel nibs I’m sure they will become popular additions to many a pen collection. The usual high quality words and luscious pictures of a Gourmet Pens review:
Review: Staedtler Initium Metallum Fountain Pen

The Fountain Pen Quest
A three-year wait comes down to a pointy end decision — so often the case when an item is discontinued — pen or otherwise. This one looks a beauty. Having recently been lucky enough to acquire my first Sailor pen, I’ll be keen to hear more about this one:
This Just In: Sailor Professional Gear Regency Stripe

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