Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web by those far wiser than myself:

An early morning start to put the finishing touches on today’s WWW post coincided nicely with the release of the iOS 8.4 update in Australia (218 MB, iPhone 6; 212 MB, iPhone 5s; 153 MB, iPhone 4s). It may or may not be ironic the final link (being this one), was written listening to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood on Beats 1 Global Radio.

I’m very much looking forward to trying things out over the next 3 months before deciding on whether an ongoing subscription is in order, with the Australian monthly pricing for Apple Music $AU11.99 (single user) or $AU17.99 (family plan; up to 6 members). With Family Sharing set up in preparation, we have 3 months to decide:
Apple Music

From The Pen Cup
Although scribble is one of two terms forever changed in my mind by past discussion on a certain podcast about pens, I guess we cannot be held responsible for other’s mistakes. I come open-minded and fully prepared to forgive Lamy, and this review by Mary seals the deal. Such a great design:
Another Hole In My Head: The Lamy Scribble 0.7 mm Pencil

Ed Jelley
Having used variations from the darker blue and black spectrum as everyday inks, I invariably turned to lighter blues. Spending all day in the black and white photocopied/printed world of a corporate office, it’s nice to see a vibrant blue jump out at you. That, and some other great suggestions here:
5 Best Inks for Everyday Use

For starters, I didn’t actually know there were 5000 different personality traits, let alone that my hand writing could help identify some of these. It would no doubt be a fun exercise to actually sit and write down (see what I did there) the list of traits from each section and see exactly who I really am — you know — inside:
What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

The Pen Addict
We all have our favourites which we settle into over time. My definitive carry? I definitely haven’t found it yet and perhaps secretly desire not to. We all have to have goals don’t we? As good a combination as you’ll see:
June Stationery Carry

Distracted Blogger
Hot on the heels of the recent post on my favourite podcasts, Aaron Mahnke, creator and host of the wonderful Lore, answers a few questions on the ideas behind, and creation of, his great show.
Your Newest Podcast Addiction: Lore

Colonna and Smalls
A fascinating part in the larger discussion around espresso dosing and the concept of evenness in extraction.
What’s Your Real Dose?

Australian Digital Alliance
The recently passed website blocking bill is now in force in Australia, and it appears some applications are soon to have their day in court. How things play out and how effective the legislation ultimately is remains to be seen, particularly with varying results in other countries:
Site blocking bill goes into force in Australia

Tamper Tantrum (via Eventbrite)
With proceeds going to charity, is this the ultimate and definitive coffee competition to rule them all? Willing contestants are required to throw a bag of roasted coffee beans (minimum weight 1kg) as far as they can without breaking the integrity of the bag and spilling even a single bean.

Contestants are encouraged to pick the variety, roast, process and flavour profile of their chosen coffee  in accordance with their throwing technique and will be asked to explain their coffee choice and throwing technique to the judge(s) before completing their throw (maximum of five minutes allowed per competitor)

So, obviously there is considerable skill involved, which will only get you so far, with rule 7 stating:

The “Random Disqualification Klaxon” will disqualify the incumbent thrower for no particular reason at a random time in the competition.

Fun times ahead:
Irish National Coffee Throwing Competition – Dublin

I hash out many a post outline and much more with MindNode 2, which syncs wonderfully my iOS devices. If you are considering a mind mapping application, this is well worthy of being in the mix. The simple, efficient interface ensures you will be up and brainstorming in no time:
MindNode 2 review: Makes Mac brainstorming a breeze

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