Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web by those far wiser than myself:

Coffee Brew Guides
If you are looking for a starting point in determining the coffee to water ratio for manual brewing, 1:15 is a decent place to start. A little more on the topic here:
Brewing Ratios for Dummies

A very thought-provoking piece on the Apple Watch and its place both now, and in a world where technology marches on.

…you first have to build a wearable people are willing to wear, then deliver a usable interaction model, and finally catalyze a world of smart objects that interact with your wearable.

All well and good, until we reach the next stage of the computing evolutionary chain, which, as author Ben Thompson points out, will challenge Apple significantly more than this one. A fascinating read:
Apple Watch and Continuous Computing

Being somewhat partial to green ink (mostly Montblanc Irish Green), this review certainly peaked my interest. A deep rich ink that appears to hold it’s brightness and shading well:
Ink Review: Tropical Green by Diamine

The Well-Appointed Desk
Another nice looking ink. I would agree this one (to my eye) does not really strike me as lavender, nor purple. Yes, I acknowledge that is because it is lavender purple! In any event, were it a true lavender it would most likely be too light for me. Another one worth considering:
Ink Review: Montblanc Lavender Purple

Jim Seven
Regardless of your own particular view on the Nespresso juggernaut, there is no denying the appeal to an awful lot of people. A very interesting read.

Pulling shots of espresso is huge fun, if you want it to be. It’s a massive inconvenience if you don’t.

Also, in speaking to many in an inner city office block, those who pop out to grab takeaway coffee rather than put up with the standard office supply horror, are often those who have a Nespresso machine at home.

Speciality coffee roasters share more customers with Nespresso than they’d like to believe

Looking forward to part two:
An Analysis of Nespresso – Part 1

Gourmet Pens
I saw the link to this post on Twitter and thought I would read it once it came through my RSS reader. It never came. — In any event, this was rectified immediately. My apologies Azizah, and my mind is now at ease.

Back to the matter at hand — the Leuchturrm1917 Master Slim Notebook. And what a beauty it is. I can see this as a great “meetings” book, given much of the resource material I refer to in said meetings is A4 in size. As much as I enjoy using smaller A5 sized notebooks — for meetings at work, A4 just seems a little more balanced. Perhaps not in orange though, as good as it looks:
Review: Leuchturrm1917 Master Slim Notebook

Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Yes – safely in my RSS reader – thanks for asking. I’d agree there are probably more exciting colour combinations of this pen to be had, however what struck me most about this post were the sensational photos. Perhaps a conservative, classic looking pen (particularly when placed next to the 3776 Sai), however the accompanying images make it somehow more classic and even better looking.

I do like this pen, however I think I like the post and images just a little more. Nice one Ian:
Platinum President Fountain Pen Review

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