Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web by those far wiser than myself:

From the Pen Cup
Upon seeing the title and accompanying image for this post — it was of course going to be a review of the new Retro Tornado “Homerun” baseball themed pen. Upon reading further, it was one of those moments where everything sinks away to the pit of your stomach.

I considered not posting this link, however came to the conclusion that if Mary had the courage to put up the post in what must be a difficult, and still somewhat uncertain time — all of our support is important, in whatever form that takes.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Mary.

Colonna and Smalls
If nothing else, the more I read about coffee and more specifically the parameters surrounding extraction, the more intriguing things become. True, there are many cafes out there which have remained essentially unchanged in ten years. Thankfully for the consumer, there are others who are continuing down the slow but unwavering (and sometimes bumpy) path of evolution:
15g Baskets

I wrote a little about my own use of Ulysses recently, and couldn’t agree more with this sentiment:

Mainly, while both Byword and Editorial have decent writing environments that either achieve simplicity or massive complexity respectively, neither can completely nail down the balance between the two, and Ulysses does just that.

Of course it depends how you use certain apps and what your own requirements are, however this is a great insight into how Ulysses might fit into a writing workflow:
On Writing and Ulysses

Day One
Without doubt the best journaling or data logging app going around, Day One recently launched their own syncing service in addition to the usual iCloud and Dropbox options. Why the change? Planned enhancements to the Day One platform, which include a couple of features I am quite excited about: multiple photo entries and shared journals.

A great app is only going to get better:
Why Day One Sync?

The Sweet Setup
Only helpful if you use Mailbox as your email client both on iOS and Mac, though if you do — this is quite handy. For those emails you prefer to action on your Mac – don’t see them again on your iOS device until you do:
Quick Tip: Snooze emails until you launch Mailbox for Mac

Pax Coffea
A well-respected voice in the coffee industry on plans to talk a little more (in blog form) on the beverage many of us know and love.

Coffee gives us the opportunity to perform an act of kindness, to create something warm and delicious and stimulating for another person. It’s a fundamentally human act, and in its simplicity can demonstrate affection, solidarity, sympathy, and love.

Looking forward to hearing what else Peter Giuliano has to say:
Pax Coffea

The Pencilcase Blog
I’ve always had a strong preference for this type of finish, and in fact the Seiko “Daytona” watch I wear everyday has, on its face, a replica “tarmac” surface — not unlike the lava finish on this Visconti. An understated colour yes, but this pen by no means lacks character. Enjoyed this review:
Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Review

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