Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web by those far wiser than myself:

The Finer Point
There is indeed something to be said for the no-frills original:

If you want a more subdued look, to ignore the latest hipster craze or just enjoy an original, no fluff Field Notes memo book, pick up a Kraft book and give it another go.

A notebook is simply for writing in, after all:
The Original Field Notes

Ink and Flour
Yes there are fountain pens, and pencils as well, though reading this great post, it was also all about the break — the breather, and it took me out of a dreary workday (while on a break of course!) reading about it.

A really enjoyable post and some fantastic pics too:
Breathing Space/NYC Vacation

Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Having recently acquired a Faber Castell fountain pen myself (the Guilloche model), I was very interested to hear Ian’s thoughts on the writing experience with this nib.

Which, incidentally were exactly as I had been thinking:

Faber-Castell steel nibs are pretty much the best out there: incredibly smooth and easy flowing.

Personally, when I began writing with the medium nib on mine, it was definitely one of those moments of “wow”, where you lift up the pen and look at the nib in amazement, and it looks like… well – just a nice nib – so you put it back down and continue to be further amazed as it writes. Incredibly smooth.

The Basic is clearly great value at the bottom end of the range:
Faber-Castell Basic Fountain Pen Review

The Fountain Pen Quest
Here Ray provides an update on his Favourite 5 Vintage and Modern fountain pens. The criteria being manufacture either before or after his birth.

Some very nice pens here, on either list:
Favorite 5: Modern Pens
Favorite 5: Vintage Fountain Pens

The Pencilcase Blog
Along with a great review of Kaweco Al Sport Stonewashed pen, a saying I had not heard before:

There’s this French saying that I really like: ‘On ne discute pas des goûts et des couleurs’ Which, in essence, means as much as: there’s no need to argue about taste or personal preference.

Not a truer word spoken. In saying that, I could not even decide whether I liked the bronze clip or not. The more I looked at the accompanying images, the more I think I probably do – and that surprised me a little:
Kaweco AL Sport Stonewashed Fountain pen Review

Matt Gemmell
One of the more read and shared pieces around in relation to the new Apple Watch. Why? Great writing for one, but that is a given if you’ve ever read any of Matt’s work. No – the key here is a description of not merely what the watch does, but its intersection with other devices and interaction with – and influence on – the wearers behaviour.

The Watch’s greatest strength is that it lets you put your phone in your pocket – and then does just enough to encourage you to leave it there.

Certainly not just another, ”week with the Apple Watch”:

Fraser Speirs
Speaking of the Apple Watch, Fraser Speirs on using it to control a Keynote presentation.

Also, for the next few months at least, you’re going to be That Speaker Who Controlled Their Presentation With Their Watch And Was A Bit of a Douche rather than the Speaker Who Was Awesome

Though the above would certainly be lessened if you heed the writer’s advice and hold rather than wear the watch, and of course make it through the presentation with no technical hiccups. That possibility however, is apparent regardless of the devices used. Again, a different perspective on the watch:
Presenting with Apple Watch

From the Pen Cup
Given my fondness for some of the cheaper gel or hybrid ink refills out there, I’ve often thought I must look at housing them in a nicer looking pen than the usual cheap rubber and plastic. Perhaps the Tactile Turn Mover could fit the bill.

A great review by Mary, who also proposes a nice way to differentiate the two models in your mind. Applying the same logic, Mary’s Twitter handle would suggest she is both Mover and Shaker:
I’ve Been Remiss: TactileTurn’s Mover & Shaker

University of Queensland
Where is the coffee this week? Well, not so much a coffee link as a public service announcement to the coffee drinkers of Brisbane. Researchers at my old stomping ground the University of Queensland appear to be looking into coffee tasting, and have put out the call for those who wish to participate – and be paid for their trouble.

All in the name of science, people. Register your interest here:
The University of Queensland  – Coffee Consumer Research

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