Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web by those far wiser than myself:

The Pen Addict
All roads lead to Atlanta – well at least they did over the weekend — with episode 150 of The Pen Addict Podcast coming live from the Atlanta Pen Show. I had collected some links from blog posts of those who attended the show, however came up with essentially the same list Brad compiled here. Lots of fun for all by the looks:
I Know It’s Over, Still I Cling…

Pens! Paper! Pencils!
A nice comparison post from Ian of differing Pentel Energel models. From my limited experience, the 0.7mm refill is one of the best going around.

The main issues I encountered in the standard 0.7mm retractable were also a bit of a rattle, and for me at least, I prefer a tapered or sightly thinner grip section. In view of this the Tradio might be worth a try:
A Review of Three Pentel EnerGel Gel Ink Pens

BeanScene Magazine
Not since Paul Bassett’s win in 2003 has an Australian won the World Barista Championship. A nice article reflecting on Sasa Sestic’s recent victory in Seattle:
Australia’s Sasa Sestic of Ona Coffee wins 2015 World Barista Championship

Mother Nature Network
Some information on a one year study into the effect coffee farms may have on insects and migratory birds. Interesting to note the increasing use of Australian native trees — obviously non-native in the areas they are being used:
The surprising link between migratory birds and coffee

Alt. Haven
It certainly looks the part, and from these words I’d say writes in kind:

I must say the Platinum 3776 Century really surprised me. I didn’t expect to like the pen as much as I am loving it. The Platinum 3776 Century will be definitely be making an appearance in my Top 5 fountain pens for 2015!

Such a fantastic colour:
Review: Platinum 3776 Century

Whilst it continues in any part of society, it will continue in any subset as well. Really? Still?

Despite all efforts to interest more women in it, whisky is still very much dominated by men. And apparently it is a natural law that where there is an abundance of men, there is also sexism.

I’d argue it doesn’t even take an abundance — merely one or two, and you have everything you need to belittle, degrade or offend women without a second thought. Light-hearted? More light-minded if you ask me:
The Ugly Side Of Whisky Geekery

The Clicky Post
The good old $50-$100 price range. One in which I am looking for my next purchase, and must admit I did not know of this model from Sailor. As someone who prefers a little feedback through nibs, this appeals:

They are wet enough, but definitely have some feedback. They almost feel dry, but they aren’t. I actually find them to be in almost my perfect range.

Certainly one to keep in mind:
Sailor Young Profit Fountain Pen – M Nib – Black with Silver Trim


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