Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a semi-regular link to posts of interest from around the web – by those far wiser than myself:

Fountain Pen Quest
Here Ray looks at his own fountain pen collection with reference to the Brand Taxonomy post on Fountain Pen Economics (refer next link).

I have not applied the “taxonomy” to my own pens, nor thought about it in relation to pen companies I am familiar with. Certainly an interesting question to pose:
Comments on Fountain Pen Innovation

Fountain Pen Economics
Thanks to Ray’s post above, I clicked through to read the original post and found another pen related site I was previously unaware of, this time with a considerable twist on the usual content. I enjoy reading blogs where the author is able to utilise their professional background as a basis for opinion (in this case, Dr Jonathan Deans, a University Economics lecturer).

There is some great discussion and business analysis on the Pen Economics site. The best part? A fellow Aussie to boot:
Brand Taxonomy
I have linked to the first post in a series on Brand Taxonomy. Be sure to follow through and read the others as well.

The Federalist
This post again highlights the level of debate that will in some ways always be levelled at cursive writing. As a backer of the recently successful CursiveLogic Kickstarter project, I am of course a supporter of cursive handwriting.

Although the article points to the benefits of cursive handwriting, many will continue to point out that a significant portion of the purported benefits pertain to handwriting in general, not necessarily cursive handwriting. I am merely playing devil’s advocate a little here, however I believe those of us in the pen world will be hearing a lot more of this debate in the near future:
Ten Reasons People Still Need Cursive

The Newsprint
As you may have heard – The Newsprint, where you come for the articles and stay for the photography — though I’d say both are on equal (read superb) footing.

Using both digital and analogue tools, Josh has done the hard yards of a year’s worth of journaling.

In short, journaling has made a more complete and rounded me, but it has taken an immense amount of focus and determination to complete.

Effort? Yes. Reward? Absolutely.

One more thing — to those who formed that illustrious group of wisecrackers about the author keeping a diary – I know what I would rather have to look back on after a year; and unlike yourselves, it isn’t solely my highest score on Crossy Road.

Stand tall and journal Mr Ginter, we’re with you:
A Reflection on One Year of Daily Journaling

Three Staples
Some more great photos and journaling inspiration. Wow – some beauty in these entries! Check out the rubber stamp for the Field Notes – perfect.

It’s definitely a time-consuming commitment but I really enjoy and value the time I sit down with it. I get to exercise parts of my brain that have been lazy for so long. It’s rekindled my old hobbies, e.g. rubber stamping, as well.

Field Notes and Hobonichi – arguably a killer combination:
Update on My Journaling Set-Up

Bean Brewding
It is again time for the Bean Brewding Walking Coffee Tour of some fine establishments in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Having attended the corresponding tour last year, I can highly recommend it.

I wrote some thoughts after last year’s tour here.

Although I cannot make the event this coming Saturday 7 March – I see the “Beans” are offering discounts to previous attendees as part of their Frequent Flyer program. Such a fantastic idea, and if they keep it up, surely an initial tour then becomes an investment — reaping you significant returns in future.

A great bunch of guys doing their bit for the Brisbane coffee scene, and I wish them every success. You’d be well served to book in and go along:
Bean Brewding Specialty Coffee Tours

The Gentleman Stationer
Although it is beginning to interest me more and more, I have not yet entered the waters of the vintage pen world, however this post certainly offers excellent advice – particularly:

Accept that you will get burned at least once, but probably a few times.

When I do begin my foray, it will be after reviewing much of Joe’s advice here:
Vintage Pen Primer, Part I

David Hewson
For those who write in Ulysses for Mac, author David Hewson offers up another tip on maximising the features within the app, this time in relation to opening a second window within the same project:

Use one window for writing — in other words leave it in the sheet you’re working on. Use the second window to navigate the whole project, finding earlier references, doing searches, browsing and adding notes to the management sheets.

Wise words indeed, from someone with ample qualifications to speak:
How to double your manuscript control in Ulysses

World Aeropress Championships
Now that friends, is a venue. This year, those vying for the title of master of the plastic fantastic – the Aeropress, will be in Seattle, Washington, to show their style.


As WithinSodo is a licensed wedding venue, and has copious experience in performing nuptials, any couples wanting to finally realise their dream of a group wedding held in conjunction with the World Aeropress Championship final — and frankly, who doesn’t? — should get in touch about the very attractively priced spectacle that we can make of your special day.

I can see it now: one groom, a choice of three brides, A,B or C, and the judges could determine – no… wait – that’s the coffee judging! Good luck to all:
2015 World Aeropress Championship – April 9th


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