A Guest Post for On Fountain Pens

One of my favourite pen blogs, On Fountain Pens is currently running a 12 Days of Christmas series of guest posts. The topic? You guessed it, fountain pens.

Maybelline describes the endeavour here:

Before the first day of Christmas, my fountain pen came to me: 12 bloggers on OFP.

…one fountain pen blogger a day, guest posting here on topics related to fountain pens and writing.

Although my pen experience pales a little compared to the other contributors, I was lucky enough, and feel quite honoured to have been able to contribute. My post is now up on OFP as Day 5 in the series of twelve, and with a title perhaps a little unusual for a lover of fountain pens, the full post will make things a little clearer.

Head over to On Fountain Pens to read the post, and while you’re there, check out the rest of the series, and everything else on this fantastic fountain pen blog:

Day 5: I’m glad you didn’t buy me a fountain pen for Christmas

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