Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesdaya regular link to posts of interest from around the web by those far wiser than myself:

Modern Stationer
Another great review from Doug, this time on something I have been meaning to get my hands on – Doane Paper notebooks. With the minimum international shipping on the Doane site being $100.00, Jet Pens is the place for the international shopper. Now I’m just waiting for this particular set to appear on the site:
Doane Paper Small Utility Notebook

Ed Jelley
The gift guides are coming thick and fast – which reminds me, I must get onto mine. A masterstroke here being the section “I know they like pens but I’m afraid to pick” list of accessories. Often a safer bet when buying for the fussy pen lover:
Winter 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for the Fountain Pen Lover

An interesting take on using popular digital storage app Evernote from Thomas Honeyman. After recently rebooting my Omnifocus efforts, I am planning to do the same with Evernote. Some interesting thoughts on tagging rather than creating notebooks:
Using Evernote (the right way)

Ink on Hand
On the Zeller Writing Company blog, a call has gone out to budding writers to submit short stories for a planned regular feature titled Short Story Sunday. I’ll certainly be checking in to see what turns up:
Looking For Submissions

From the book Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer, a bullet list of handy tips from Roy Peter Clark, among them:

Cut big, then small; prune the big limbs, then shake out the dead leaves.

Limit self-criticism in early drafts; turn it loose during revision.

There is something here for anyone who writes:
Fifty Writing Tools: Quick List

Just Pelikans
I’m sure there are many of us for whom the Blue-Black spectrum of inks are a staple for a good portion of our fountain pen usage, particularly in a corporate office environment. One thing in particular which struck me about this post from David of Just Pelikans (in addition to the great sample of inks of course), was the year he bought his first fountain pen, 1997. Not only was this same year I bought the first of mine, it was purchased from the very same shop David bought some of the new the inks featured in his post.

As any regular reader or follower of Just Pelikans will know, the fact I did not buy another fountain pen until 2012, would be where any similarity abruptly ends. In any event, check out the post and a great array of blue-black inks:
Blue-Black, Bleu-Noir, Blau-Schwartz…

That One Pen
As Nock Co. continues to expand, new products are also periodically emerging. Further into the notebook and paper space now comes the DotDash pocket notebook. A nice review covering everything we need to know from Todd at That One Pen. What is a unique (top bound) and colourful fountain pen friendly notebook cannot be anything other than a winner.

As the courier is flat out delivering everything else I’ve purchased in the lead up to Christmas, a set of these will most likely be a new year purchase:
Nock Co. DotDash Pocket Notebook

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