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Clearly there has been a little disruption to my usual posting schedule on this blog both during, and since, November’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), a topic which perhaps some of you may be a little tired of hearing about. If so I apologise, though there may be a post or two on that very topic still to come – perhaps.

Whilst I enjoyed participating immensely, managing to become a “Winner” after passing the required 50,000 word count before month’s end, I did not find it easy, nor could have predicted the toll on my overall energy, time and willingness to write on other things throughout the month. It is only now, well into December, I have found the urge to get going again.

What better way to ease back into things than with a few links to posts I have found interesting or exciting over the past couple of weeks (soon to return to the usual Wiser Web Wednesday format).

The re-launch of a blog (formerly Hastily Written) with an idea that particularly resonates with me. Some may consider writing a blog without a sole focus to be a cardinal mistake in the world of online traffic, and perhaps that may be the case. Personally, I’d rather a blog with soul, than a sole focus, just for the sake of it.

After much consideration a little while ago about where my own blog was or should be headed, I am comfortable with the decision I made not to split off the various topics into their own niche blogs, but rather keep things together. My own interests, under my own banner.

So, whilst bread making and pens may not necessarily be diametrically opposed, they are indeed an unusual combination to be found on the one blog – but of course, that is exactly what makes this one unique. Looking forward to what is to come:
Changing Times, Changing Names

A launch, this time of an entirely new blog undoubtedly with some great things to come. The tone has been set, not only with a quote in the first post:

“To begin, begin.” – William Wordsworth

But also, a killer WriteAnalog Manifesto, every word of which, those who are excited about the creation of another such blog will immediately understand:
The WriteAnalog Manifesto

I wish both of the above, every success, and smile at the community widening even further.

Yet again an interesting piece from James Hoffmann on not only the idea of “how” speciality coffee is portrayed or “sold” to consumers, but also the idea of how personal preference is a significant consideration:

A person’s preference is a place to start. To be acknowledged, accepted and considered. Even if their preference is the last thing on earth you’d want to drink yourself.

I find the more you read on this subject, the more those within the industry often disagree, let alone convincing the consumer. An example of which can be seen in a response written to the above post by Tim Williams on his Tumblr page.

Upon reading the response however, I think the articles are discussing slightly different points, that being, there is a difference between selling the concept of speciality coffee to consumers, and those within the industry promoting themselves as purveyors of same, while at the same time, serving a substantially inferior product:
What message do I want to send?

Baron Fig
The guys at Baron Fig have indeed been very busy lately, coming out with limited editions of their two main products, the Three-Legged Juggler, a special release of the standard Confidant Journal, and the Lightbulb, a limited edition of The Apprentice pocket notebook.

As with many limited editions, special or seasonal releases, the colours may not suit everyone, however I think these are spot on. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for future editions of this nature.

Finally, I must commend Baron Fig on their customer service – the Lightbulb edition was launched shortly after I placed an order, and although it had already shipped and I was unable to amend or add to it, the guys were very generous with a subsequent order, making the whole experience an extremely positive one.

By the way, you better get in quick in future, as the dot-grid Lightbulbs have already sold out (plain and ruled still available):
Baron Fig Online Store

A masterstroke from David Sparks of Macsparky and Mac Power Users podcast fame. Another Macsparky Field Guide, this time in the form of an OmniFocus screencast:

… this 2.5 hour video that takes you, soup to nuts, through the Omni Group’s supremely bad-ass task manager. The screencast can turn an OmniFocus novice into a task-managing ninja.

I have read the OmniFocus user guide, countless blog posts, and tips and tricks pieces, however have yet to find something which really clicks in taking my use of OmniFocus to a more efficient and powerful level. I reckon this should do it.

Many of the David’s tips on the MPU podcast in relation to Omnifocus are real gems, and I am looking forward to getting stuck into this one after completing the somewhat hefty 1.6 GB download last night.

Looking forward to earning the task-management ninja title very soon:
The OmniFocus Video Field Guide

That’s better.

Good to be back writing on the blog, and, as opposed to what I have just spent November writing – nary a plot hole in sight!

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