Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a regular link to posts of interest from around the web by those far wiser than myself:

Finer Things in Tech
Clips is a fantastic app which takes full advantage of the new iOS Extensions to assist with better clipboard management. It also contains a feature to build your own templates which make creating posts such as, well… Wiser Web Wednesday style links a far easier and more efficient proposition.
A summary and example from David Chartier:
How to copy a selection + page title + URL all at once with Clips on iOS

Five Senses Coffee

At Five Senses, we look to use all our coffee between six and nine months after processing and drying and if that needs to be further teased out, I would say that we’re not actually chasing ‘seasonality’ as such. It is perhaps more helpfully defined as seasonal mindfulness — and we’re ever mindful of both the seasons and the resulting quality in the cup.

An outline of the seasonal nature of speciality coffee, highlighting the thoughts and practices of Five Senses Coffee. The post also contains a link to a downloadable PDF of the Five Senses Coffee harvest cycle:
Seasonal Coffee and Five Senses

Coffee Contrarian
As is often the case, the comments can be just as entertaining as the original post on many a blog, and this is no exception. This article (based on a presentation from the SCAA symposium) discusses the utilisation of technology in measuring and defining certain aspects of coffee, however also takes a dig at certain segments of the industry:

Sadly I doubt this talk will be viewed by those who most need to see it: specialty coffee folks who think that having a “passion” for quality, or over-paying for small lots of green coffee from farms you’ve visited, has something to do with actual quality, when it does not.

As the fairly robust debate in the comments demonstrates, not all agree, however admittedly much discussion again centres around the oft debated “overly acidic” espresso:
The Science of Crema at Nestlé

Gourmet Pens
A great article on cleaning those fountain pens, which to me, highlights two things. Firstly, beginners should not be afraid of owning and maintaining fountain pens, and further, those of us that do, really have no excuse not to keep them clean:
The Basics: Cleaning a Fountain Pen With a Converter

The Pen Addict
Having used many a Parker ballpoint and rollerball throughout my school and university years, I do enjoy reading reviews from those with much broader experience than myself. Would I ever buy another? With so many other brands out there I intend to explore, perhaps not, however I will always have fond memories of my early pen days:
Parker IM Premium Fountain Pen Review

The Conversation
With my kids growing at an alarming rate, thoughts are beginning to turn to University options, and despite the title, this article on The Conversation does provide more realistic context to the findings of the Grattan Instutute. Unsurprisingly, differences in earnings relate more to the course studied than the University itself:

The study suggests that students should choose their field of interest and ability first, and their institution second.

Graduates from prestigious universities earn more over their lifetime

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