Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a regular link to posts of interest from around the web by those far wiser than myself:

The Clicky Post
A question often asked by those deeply enthusiastic about any particular passion involving the accumulation of ‘things’ – in the case of Mike Dudek, pens. Whether you have too many, are seeking too many, or simply can’t tell. The answer? For you and you alone:
Liking Pens: Hobby or Obsession?

Shawn Blanc
There are an infinite number of possible links from the September 9 Apple event, of which I will offer just two. The first, an even keeled account with some thoughtful commentary from Shawn Blanc:
On Apple’s New iPhone and Watch

Reckoner Podcast
Secondly, three Aussies providing local context on the announcements by Apple last week. Although significant, I am glad others don’t see the inclusion of NFC and Apple Pay as something crazy amazing (that said, I certainly see the potential for added security). These guys are also probably the only reason my weekly Monday morning commute does not seem quite like a ride to the gates of hell:
Episode 60 | U2 Hacked my iPhone

The Newsprint
Of course there is always ink. Josh at The Newsprint tests out that perennial favourite blue – Pilot’s Iroshizuku Kon-Peki:
Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki

Field Notes Brand
The Fall Colors Limited Edition is now available to all and sundry, and I will be hitting the checkout button soon enough. The Night Sky interior paper has always been a favourite of mine, and with a random selection of external colours unknown to the buyer – I am sure to receive a pleasant surprise come delivery day:
Field Notes Colors: Unexposed Edition

Pen Paper Ink Letter
Heath reviews the TWSBI 580AL – in my humble opinion, a fantastic looking pen. Now that the Pelikan M205 is in my collection, this is likely next on the list:
TWSBI Diamond 580AL Fountain Pen Review

The fairly well-known Bullet Journal system now hits Kickstarter. If you are unfamiliar with the system itself, check out the video – then back it:
Bullet Journal: Journaling at the Speed of Life

The Montblanc ScreenWriter stylus is an attractive crossover between analogue and digital. Particularly as the stylus tip can be replaced by rollerball or fineliner refills, giving you a pretty good (if pricey at $605 USD) conventional pen:
StarWalker Extreme Steel ScreenWriter

The Pancake Epidemic
A really enjoyable 15 minute documentary on a visit to origin by Brandon Davenport in another instalment of the Caffeination series. Here we see the J. Hill Mill along with 5th generation coffee producer Aida Battle, Cup of Excellence winner, as she shows us around the farm in the shadow of the Santa Ana volcano:
Caffeination: El Salvador

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