Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a weekly link to posts of interest from around the web by those far wiser than myself:

A little more digital than analogue this week, perhaps I’ve caught September fever

The Newsprint
I wrote some of my thoughts on the iOS note taking app Vesper a little while ago, however here’s a better review with some beautiful photos to match:

The Sweet Setup
I found this tip to be quite helpful if you have a desire to get rid if those pesky contact suggestions showing up in Messages – particularly those you have already deleted from your Contacts:
Quick Tip: Clear unwanted contacts from Messages

Dispatch is my iPhone email app of choice at the moment, and though I don’t use many of the app integrations, the few I do certainly are handy. Federico Viticci outlines some new features added in the recent 2.1 update:
Dispatch 2.1 Adds “Export as PDF”, Bulk Edit, More App Integrations

While at Macstories, well worth a look is the updated guide to iOS automation using Launch Center Pro. Sure, I don’t use even half of the actions, though for reference, nothing beats this guide by Alex Guyot, or @The_Axx to his Twitter peeps:
Automating iOS: A Comprehensive and Updated Guide to Launch Center Pro

A pen and pencil blog I have recently come across, and having received my own Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen (which I m loving) from Jet Pens in the mail last week, a timely review:
Pilot Metropolitan M nib Fountain Pen Review

Relay FM
The triumphant return of Myke Hurley’s voice to the podcasting airwaves. Whilst many of the faithful have eagerly awaited this new joint venture by Hurley and Steven Hackett, if you are considering delving into the fascinating and entertaining world of podcasts yourself, this is the place to start.

With topics ranging from Apple to pens and paper, Relay FM brings together some of the most influential — and unique — voices on the Internet together to create powerful content, each and every week.

Being a bit of a pen nerd, my favourite of course is The Pen Addict, though my subscription runs the gamut of every show on the network. Browse the shows and have a listen – you won’t be sorry.
Relay FM

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