Same blog, new name – mine

Regular readers may have noticed a new name and URL for the site –, or if you have arrived via a link, are perhaps wondering why you are not on Dept 4. The content itself? All imported across and identical – simply a name and domain relaunch for the blog.

Why the change?

As of 13 July 2014, I will no longer be posting to, albeit with a redirect to in place for all links and general traffic going to the original site. This redirect appears to be functioning well, with a kind link to Dept 4 from Ray at The Fountain Pen Quest seeing traffic at this new domain. As you can see, everything else is pretty much the same – at least for now. So why the change?

First and foremost, the site name now aligns with the @petedenison handle I use on both Twitter and Instagram. Those social media outlets and this blog are personal accounts, and I have no desire, nor would it be appropriate, to post any content associated with my professional life to them.

Dept 4 commenced prior to my presence on both Twitter and Instagram, and at the time I decided to use something other than my name as a kind of pseudonym of sorts, perhaps lacking a little confidence in how this all works. With varied topics, a specific coffee or pen blog name would not have accurately reflected the content, and over twelve months on I feel this remains the case.

So, when thinking about a page header redesign over the weekend, my wife and I both felt the more we looked at Dept 4, the more it seemed a little “off”, both in meaning and in what the blog represented. In the interests of incremental change, the header design remains the same, not so the name or URL.

Just me –

As I mentioned above, this is a personal blog, the views are my own, and cross a few different topics of interest. Writing posts is one of my favourite activities, and to date I still seem to have a few things to say, though finding the time to get them down can sometimes be a challenge.

For me, putting my name to the site is probably now a more accurate reflection of the nature of the blog, and what it will continue to be. I will always be me, and consider my personal blog to now have what will be a permanent home – whichever direction the topics and overall evolution take.

I thank you, my loyal readers, for taking an interest in what I have to say, and hope my efforts in redirecting links and traffic to this new domain continue to be successful. I would appreciate any comments below if you come across any issues.

Thanks for stopping by.

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