Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a weekly link to posts which piqued my interest from around the web:

James Hoffmann’s thoughts on creating a new occasional coffee magazine:

…most publications were more focused on the trade side of things rather than trying to tell the stories we have to the interested members of the coffee drinking public.

Though the print copy looks fantastic, I ordered the eBook version and believe me, this publication is a great read (independent writing; no ads). Check out more details and links to ordering options here:
Introducing Longberry Magazine

The Cramped
Continuing a recent stream of thought on penmanship, might I say ease up on the grip and pressure people! Your stone paper notebook in particular will thank you:
Penmanship for the Heavy Handed

Pens! Paper! Pencils!
If you are looking to get some reasonably priced vintage fountain pens, Parker is a decent place to start. A great review from Ian and some really impressive photos as well:
Parker 45 fountain pen review

Speaking of reasonably priced pens, a new best entry-level pen? Now available in an F as well as M nib, the Pilot Metropolitan makes a play for this title. A well-balanced , well written review:
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Review

The Well-Appointed Desk
If you need any more convincing, another favourable review of the Metropolitan:
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Review

Originally I’d planned to give the final word to The Cramped (who you should really follow on Twitter), for one of my favourite quotes of recent times:

Should I lose all my important writing, I’d prefer being able to say it died in the flames of an unquenchable fire, or the merciless gusts of a tornado, or rapids of river water beating down the front door during a flash flood. If the writing matters at all to me, it deserves something a little better than, “I forgot to press Ctrl-S.”

However in saving the above to my Quotebook (a fantastic app for doing just that – saving quotes), I noticed some exciting news – Quotebook 3 is on the way, which is a complete redesign by developer Lickability for iOS7 (iPhone and iPad). You can sign up to be notified, however I will most likely write-up my impressions here once it is released. In the meantime, the current version has been pulled from the App Store:
Quotebook 3: Coming Soon

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