Wiser Web Wednesday – A nod to 100

Is it wrong to celebrate publishing my 100th post with a WWW link post? Hopefully not, given that is exactly what I have done. My son suggested I do something special for this milestone, however in the true style of not really knowing what that “something special” would be – I have decided to simply go with what was coming up next anyway.

Have I anything special to say about reaching 100 posts? Not really, perhaps with the exception of feeling some sense of accomplishment at having stuck it out and made it this far. Beyond that, a post written not so long ago reflects on my progress to date and thoughts on possible future plans.

Otherwise, I will leave it to Matt Gemmell, (one of my favourite writers on the internet), to describe one of the many truths about the process of sending your work out there:

The downside is the vulnerability and culpability, which is what makes people run for the anonymity of pseudonyms, online nicknames, or no names at all. I understand that; truly. I’m a little bit afraid every time I publish an article, and I vividly remember when I was a big bit afraid.

Read the entirety of his post (linked below) on taking credit (and assuming accountability) for the good, the bad, and… well, probably sometimes the ugly.

On with list for this week:

Shawn Blanc
As always an eloquent post from Shawn on the fairly significant update to Flickr for iPhone. I’d give you my own thoughts were it not for the fact that over the past few days I have failed to get past the login screen, changing passwords, Yahoo logins and generally encountering all manner of troubles. I am sure I will resolve these issues however repeatedly have come to the point of “I’ll just do it later”.

In spite of such challenges, from what I can see, given the 1TB storage that has been available on Flickr for some time now, it has the potential to be a very useful auto-uploading off-site photo back up:
Flickr 3.0

CJ Chilvers
Speaking of photos, perhaps given the ongoing boom-bust of many a photo management service, we should simply go back to a nice photo album for displaying those precious memories:
The Best Photo Management Tool

Ask not why tech blog Reckoner published a review of a slimline wallet; ask why they do not do more – James Croft on solving the age-old problem of carrying just a few too many cards. Jettison the ballast!:
Review: Capsule Wallet – The Minimalist

The Brooks Review
Although I derive enjoyment from using pen and paper, were I after a fairly minimalist (and paperless) workflow for my desk – something along the lines of this would be it:
Improving My Workflow: Desk

David Smith
If you are at all interested in how the App Store could be made a more enjoyable and functionally relevant place to visit, there are some compelling ideas in this list of fourteen recommendations:
Towards a Better App Store

The Newsprint
A view on one of my favourite writing apps, with its minimal interface, Markdown support and ability to publish directly to WordPress:
On My Screen: Byword for iPad

Matt Gemmell
A short, highly recommended read from a great writer:
Taking Credit

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