Wiser Web Wednesday

This week’s links of note I’ve collected from around the web.

Informal Scribble
What’s not to love about a great blood orange fountain pen ink with an equally good drying time:
Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki

The Newsprint
Do you use the little red badge icon in the Drafts App? It appears there may be a few of us around who track unprocessed notes this way:
On My Screen: Drafts for iPhone

Further to my recent post which touched on coffee pods, Nespresso have come to an agreement with French anti-trust authorities to honour the guarantee on its coffee machines for consumers using non-Nespresso branded capsules:
Someone is finally forcing Nespresso to open source it’s coffee pods

CRS Coffeelands Blog
As a coffee consumer, I constantly hear about traceability and farm/roaster relationships. Just what specific grower incentives produce the most reliable results for both the farmer and the consumer? US-based Counter Culture coffee propose a model with what appears to have considerable merit:
Counter Culture’s new approach to quality incentives

Federico Viticci outlines the new features in the update of Unread, my favourite RSS Reader for iPhone. The best new feature for me? Mark as read on scrolling – if I’ve scrolled past I’ve seen it. Consider it read unless I say otherwise:
Unread 1.2 Adds Image Viewer, New Gestures and More

I hope you find something of interest in the above.

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